Grand Republic of Cycoldia

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The Grand Republic of Cycoldia commonly known as Cycoldia, Is a small micronation located in Houston. It Was Created By Christopher I Who Is The Current Summi Imperatoris Of The Nation. It Is An Absolute Monarchy, But The Citizens Vote Which Of The Previous Rulers Children Will Ruler Once The Ruler Dies. Recently our nation joined the United Imperial Empire, and is in personal union with the Archduchy of Texas, which is also led by Christopher I. Our official website is: Christopher I's full name is:

Summi Imperator of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, Duke of Greater Houston, Sir, Knight of the Order of Nowell, Chief Justice of the Court of Houston, Founding Father of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia , Speaker of the General Assembly of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia , Chief and Commander of the Forces of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia , Christopher I of the Royal House of Nowell, Esquire