Grand Principality of Porto del Principe

The Grand Principality of Porto del Principe, more commonly known as Principe, is a micronation in Second Life... Our nation came to be during a rough time in the world where we had to retreat to our homes. Founded online in the virtual world of Second Life, this nation wants to be a new experiment that transcends borders and unites people building a utopian society in this world.

Grand Principality of Porto del Principe

Deinde ad servitium Dei et hominis Primum (Latin: Service to God First and Then To Man)
The Heralds of Peace of Porto Principe
Second Life
Capital cityCity of Lassara
Largest cityLassara
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Faith in Porto del PrincipeFaith in Porto del Principe
Short namePrincipe
GovernmentPrincipaen Government
- The Grand PrinceHRH Grand Prince Neo INeo I
- Prime MinisterGeorge Lang
LegislaturePrivy Council
Area claimed1km²
Population-8 (as of 2020 census)
CurrencyThe Porto Pound
Time zone(PST)
National sportAmerican Football
National animalBobcat
Patron saintSt. Jude
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

Porto Principe

Our nation's government is headed by the chair of the Privy Council, the Prime Minister. who is appointed by His Royal Highness the Grand Prince.

Our nation is new in the world, and we recognize there is much to be learned from experienced micro-nations. We are open to alliances, trade agreements and intellectual exchanges


We are a nation by the sea, and so we are named for the port that is located in our capitol. Porto del Principe is the Port of the Prince.


March 21, 2020 - The Nation is founded by the House of Avondre

March 22, 2020 - The Nation Celebrates it's First Independence Day.

April 22, 2020 - House Avondre announces to the world the formation of the country.

-- The YouTube Announcement of our Country [ Declaraion of Independence]

Politics and government

House Avondre

House Avondre is the Royal House of the country. Headed by the Grand Prince Neo I, he is married to Princess Consort Harleigh nee Davies and have one issue from their marriage, Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Sadie the heir apparent to the throne.Other members of the house include His Royal Highness, Stefon Avondre brother to Grand Prince Avondre and his bastardy male issue Lord Alexander Avondre. The House also contains His Royal Highness Prince Rashaad Avondre brother to the Grand Prince and his wife, Her Royal Highness Princess Sascha Avondre with their female issue Her Royal Highness Princess Eva Avondre.

The Privy Council

The Privy Council is a sixteen seat house of parliament that makes decisions about the day-to-day operation of the nation. Headed by the Prime Minister, the council convenes weekly and votes on items of legislation brought before the council. The Prime Minister is not allowed to vote except to break a tie. The Grand Prince holds the only veto vote in the nation, legislation vetoed must be redrafted and brought back before the council, if vetoed a second time then the bill may not be raised again.

  • Prime Minister:
  • Lord Privy Seal:
  • Lord Secretary:
  • Lord Exchequer:
  • Lord Minister of Defense:
  • Lord of the Interior:
  • Lord of Justice:
  • Lord of Art and Culture:
  • Lord of State:
  • Lord of Ecological Concerns:
  • Lord of Technology:
  • Lord of Faith and Religious Matters:
  • Lord of Education:
  • Lord of Information:
  • Lord of Heraldry
  • Lord of Land Development:

Law and order


Foreign relations

As a new country we have few foreign relations at this time however we expect this to change as fast as possible.



Geography and climate

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Seaside Area, Average temperature of 82° Daily, Balmy Salty Climate.



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