Grand Pensionary (Montescano)

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Posadnyk of the
Principality of Montescano
StyleThe Right Honourable
Member ofCouncil of State
Privy Council
ResidenceChâteau von Drakon (unofficial)
Term lengthat the absolute discretion of the Monarch
Inaugural holderLord Krištof von Drakon,
Marquess of Asenovhorod
Formation29 May 2019

The Posadnyk of Montescano is the head of government of the Principality of Montescano. The Posadnyk is appointed by the Monarch, from amongst the members of the Council of State. While the Monarch is free to chose any of its members, the Monarch has up to date only picked candidates which can command confidence from the Council.


Posadnyk comes from the Old Church Slavic "posaditi", which means to put or to place. They were so-called because the Prince in Kiev and later in Vladimir-Suzdal and Moscow placed them in the city to rule on his behalf. In Novgorod the Great they were elected locally until the Grand Prince of Moscow ended a rebellion and spoke to Archbishop Feofil (1470-1480) "there will be no posadnik, and we will conduct our own government"[1]

List of Posadnykyj

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and County
Term of office Other offices held Party Monarch
1 Krishtofvondrakon.jpg Lord
Krištof von Drakon
Count of Hinterbergen
29 May
Present Optimates Dionisiy I, Prince of Montescano
Appointed Chancellor of the Principality upon her foundation, saw the transformation of the Principality into a Multi-continental State with claims in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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