Grand Kingdom of Matachewan

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Grand Kingdom of Matachewan

2015 — Present

Matachewanian Grand Flag.pngMatachewan's Greater Coat of Arms.png

Boże, Uratuj Matachewan
"Free Matachewan"

St. Catharines, Ontario
Matachewan, Ontario
Capital cityOblate City
Largest cityOblate City
Official language(s)English, Polish
Recognised languagesFrench, Russian, Ukrainian
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Judaism
Short nameMatachewan
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KrólBrandon I
- Prime MinisterAshton C.
- PremierXavier J.
- MarshalBeau Edwards
- Speaker of the SejmTomasz
LegislatureGrand Sejm of Matachewan
- Upper HouseSzlachta
- Lower HouseSejm
- Type - Bicameral
Established30 June 2015
Area claimed24.01ac
Population92 *62 global citizens
*30 local citizens
CurrencyMatachewanian zloty (mzl)
Time zoneEST/ET (UTC-5:00)
National dishNaleśniki
National drinkMatacheweagne
National animalWhite eagle
This nation is a member of the Cupertino Alliance[1]


The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, colloquially known as Matachewan (Polish: Wielkie Królestwo Matachewan; French: Grand Royaume de Matachewan; Russian: Великое Королевство Матачеван; Ukrainian: Велике Королівство Матачеван.) is a self-declared, sovereign-state or what most people would call a micronation. The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan was founded on 30 June 2015, as Matachewan but never joined the full micronational community until 3 August 2018.[2] Matachewan claims territory within the city of St. Catharines and the township of Matachewan, both of which are situated within the Canadian province of Ontario.[3]


The name of Matachewan came from its original geographical location. The word Matachewan comes from the Matachewan First Nation that first settled Matachewan, with the word "Matachewan" meaning "Meeting of the Waters". The word doesn't have an official origin on why it was created but we like to believe that the Matachewan First Nation made and named themselves off the Upper and Lower Matachewanian Lakes that feed into the Montreal River.

Matachewan never had an official demonym, and as such went by Matachewan until 3 December 2018, when King Brandon Mierzwa introduced "Matachewanian", adding "-ian" to the end of Matachewan.



Recreation of the Lost Matachewanian Declaration of Independence

The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan (Matachewan non-formal) was created on the 30 June 2015[2] in Matachewan Ontario. The first era or Early Matachewan as it came to be known as was a small and basic nation state with hopes to eventually become a large micronation. The time between 2015 and now was filled with hardship, struggle, joy and enthusiasm. Matachewan as it started out had 7 citizens, all of which were local. This first Matachewan was very Russian-Polish based with many state symbols resembling those of Tsarist styled emblems and heraldry. This early Matachewan was ruled by a Council consisting of 5 citizens. This council could often be referred to as the First Sejm of Matachewan however this is not the case it would be more appropriate and fitting to refer to it as the First Parliament or First Council of Matachewan. Sadly this era was not to last. The reasoning for its demise was the lack of knowledge in politics and ruling along with the lack of funding or attention. Matachewan was not seen again till mid 2018.

Early Days of Recreation

The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan was reestablished on 3 August 2018 as the Kingdom of Matachewan by Brandon Mierzwa, one of Matachewan's original founders. At the time, Matachewan was small, quiet and didn't have much going for it. It wasn't till September of 2018 when Matachewan started to kick off. Matachewan during the time between August and September was more fixed on establish a base for global citizenry it almost completely forgot about localization.

2018 - 2019

First Flag of Matachewan

On 27 August 2018 one of Matachewan's first global citizen joined, the citizen was Owen Leski. Mr. Leski was a pure libertarian looking to bring more freedom and less government control over Matachewan. Mr. Leski along with Mr. Kamiron Chaisson and Mr. Krill Lyzhin started the first "modern" Matachewanian Government. This government was very ineffective leading to massive inactivity in the server and without any local assets the early Matachewanian state looked as if it was going to die out. It wasn't till October when Matachewan decided to pull a very odd move and declare war on Nerdystan a Republic protected by the Kingdom of Auvenum. This "war" was to be known as the Robertson Sea Conflict where Matachewan, Kingdom of Auvenum and the Fifth Aenderian Republic engaged in a war or words over discord. Eventually the "conflict" came to a close and Matachewan started rebuilding relations with Auvenum and Nerdystan. In December of 2018 Matachewan became inactive yet again and again almost died out before it met the nation of Groponigën.

Kingdom of Groponigën and Matachewan

In January 2019 after seeing the success of Groponigën, Matachewan entered a union with Groponigën in hopes Groponigën citizens would flood to Matachewan and Matachewan could grow into a large active micronation. Sadly after Matachewan wasn't given any aid from Groponigën and Groponigën tried lowering the autonomy of Matachewan, Brandon Mierzwa the King in Exile decided to work with Peter Warren a politician from Groponigën and the leader of the Groponigën Conservatives. After Peter and Brandon's plan to create a new Matachewan was leaked to Groponigën officials Brandon and Peter were put on trial and found guilty of treason. Brandon sick of the lack of representation declared independence from Groponigën stating that Matachewan was a free Kingdom and Groponigën would be powerless to stop Matachewan. Eventually the whole thing was dropped and Matachewan was released by Groponigën. After these events Matachewan's and Groponigën's relationship never healed even after attempts to fix the very broken trust between the two nations.

Matachewan from March - May 2019

Matachewanian Declaration of Imperial Rule

Matachewan was known between March and May as the 5th Kingdom of Matachewan. After Matachewan regained independence Matachewan became more popular attracting many micronationalists and people from other communities alike. Eventually Matachewan crossed the 50 global citizen mark and became a larger micronation that had a strong government with a supportive and working globalized population. During this time the Matachewanian Parliament became known as the Sejm of Matachewan and the people were more politically driven than ever before. Sadly this was not to last because Matachewan eventually elected Ágá Sárrajuoksa a politician from Matachewan's former oppressor. Mr. Sárrajuoksa promised sweeping change to Matachewan in order to reform it into a democratic state. After a 2 week term 13 April rolled around and then began the Matachewanian Radio Scandal of 13 April a scandal where the politically divided citizens and parties openly started attacking each other and destroying much of the hard work set up by the globalized Kingdom. During this time the Libertarian Party led by Ágá Sárrajuoksa threatened to remove the King Brandon Mierzwa's powers and make Matachewan a true Republic. This was successful at first leading to massive political fighting, the Fifth Aenderian Republic cut recognition of Matachewan along with many other micronations and Matachewan became a heaping mess. On 27 April the Sejm was officially suspended and Imperial Restoration was ordered to return the monarchy's grip on the nation. On this same day Grand Prince Jakub, Brandon Mierzwa's cousin and the current successor of the Matachewanian throne was born. After Imperial restoration was declared Matachewan rebuilt itself finally removing all rebellious citizens and all diplomats who turned their back on Matachewan. In May of 2019 the Kingdom of Matachewan reached out to the Kingdom of New Prussia led by Kleinmann Kummel. On 14 May Matachewan and New Prussia along with the Principality of Kaiserhof and the Kingdom of Edgemont went into negotiations concerning a proposed Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth. On 17 May 2019 this Commonwealth became a reality.

First Mention of Matachewan-Prussia

Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth

Flag of Matachewan-Prussia
Kleinmann Kummel favouring Personal Union

The Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth became official on the 23 May 2019 with the signing of the New Krakow-Küstenstadt Act. This treaty made Matachewan and Prussia a single unified nation with a Dual Monarchy and single unified legislature. This was to be known as the Early Commonwealth Era where Matachewan and Prussia were still trying to figure out what it wanted to be and what it was to become. Matachewan-Prussia grew very rapidly during the month of May growing over 100 global citizens and passing most other micronations. The first conflict to involve Matachewan-Prussia was around 1 June when Matachewan-Prussia had conflicts with the Kingdom of Sewanda. After the victory of this conflict where Matachewan-Prussian raiders took a decisive win in a raid against Sewanda the Commonwealth realized they were better off together. The first hiccup occurred on 15 June 2019 when Kleinmann Kummel abdicated in favour of personal union with Matachewan. Thus the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth was made into a single unified country with one crown and one government. Sadly this wouldn't last long either as Brandon Mierzwa already having played a massive role in the Commonwealth abdicated for no good reason. Eventually after some bitter debate Kleinmann was installed as King and took control over the Commonwealth. With Kleinmann at the helm the Commonwealth prospered, it grew past the 150 global citizens mark and started opening relations with the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. During this time Brandon Mierzwa returned to Matachewanian politics and ran for Prime Minister of the Commonwealth. As expected this also was not to last because on the 22 July 2019 Kleinmann announced the end of the Commonwealth officially ending Matachewan and Prussia. In the confusion Brandon Mierzwa jumped on the opportunity and declared the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan to be the only legitimate successor of Matachewan-Prussia and on 23 July 2019 Brandon Mierzwa became King of Matachewan again.

Kleinmann Officially Ending the Matachewan-Prussian Commonwealth

Grand Kingdom of Matachewan

The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan was formed immediately after the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth. The Grand Kingdom has overcome many challenges and has become the most successful and stable Matachewan after Matachewan's 5 year history.

August - November 2019

Logo of the Progressive Conservative Party

During the early months of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, Matachewan was rebuilding itself to become finally what it always wanted to be, a great micronational power or at least great micronation. To do this Brandon Mierzwa, Peter Warren and a few others realized they needed to get serious and after 1 month of Peter's administration the first free Matachewanian Election was held on 1 September 2019 with a Monarchist victory allowing Peter to secure the office of Prime Minister for another term. After minimal progress in September something had to be done. Christopher Miller the leader of the Progress Party decided to run again in the October elections and beat Peter Warren. After this Mr. Miller began implementing reform after reform to create a perfect or somewhat perfect Matachewan. On 2 October 2019 Miller created the Progressive Conservative Party of Matachewan officially starting the first Progressive Conservative Administration. The Progressive Conservatives wished to localize Matachewan something never done or tried by other parties. At first localization was slow but ultimately successful. After Mr. Miller's term concluded in October the November elections started and the Progressive Conservatives won another landslide victory. During this time more locals flocked to Matachewan and Matachewan started to draw the attention of larger micronations.

Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth

Proposed flag of the Matachewanian Commonwealth during its peak
Zech nuking Humberlea after he lost the election to Andreas Hudson

The Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth was formed in November 2019 by Matachewan, Humberlea, Duchy of Antranador, United Sonoran Emirates of Okka, Principality of Jokyr and Principality of Trumar. The Commonwealth's sole intention was to create a large united confederation of states under Matachewan. Another reason was to try and restore the glory of the old Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth. During this time Matachewan continued to develop itself while attempting to support nations like Humberlea and Antranador. During the life of the Commonwealth a certain man by the name of Zech O'Hair was removed from the Sejm on the supposed reasoning of attempting to abolish the monarchy, a very punishable offence in the Kingdom at the time. In a fit of rage Christopher Miller revoked all recognition of the Empire of Etukan and to this day the Grand Kingdom refuses to accept Etukan's existence. It was also during this time when Humberlea was raided by Zech and a few or his loyalists after losing an election in Humberlea to Matachewan supported Yuriy Aleksander.

A New Year a New Matachewan

On 1 January 2020, Brandon Mierzwa announced a new Matachewanian year now entering the 5 year anniversary of independence for 30 June 2020. Matachewan was to enter a new era, the 20s, Matachewan was ready and prepared to jump into 2020 as soon as it could and promised to the global governments that a meeting of locals will be held. This promise was upheld because soon after Christmas break Matachewan's Government met up to officially create the First Local Sejm.

First Local Sejm of Matachewan

The First Local Sejm Meeting (Left: Simon Fraser, Jessica Mierzwa. Center: Brandon Mierzwa. Right: Beau Edwards, Rowan Long)

On 9 January 2020, HM Brandon I, summoned Matachewanian local politicians and intellectuals to make up the first Local Sejm. Just before the meeting that afternoon, Beau Edwards, Simon Fraser and Brandon Mierzwa all agreed to meet up at the capital building to appoint Matachewan's Council of Generals. On that night of training more Matachewanians living in Oblate City joined them, most notably Liam Carey and Rowan Long, Liam Carey having more importance as he and Brandon originally came up with the idea of Matachewan. At 6:00pm the appointments were concluded and Brandon summoned, Simon Fraser, Beau Edwards, Jessica Mierzwa and Rowan Long to serve as the first members of the Local Sejm. After a lengthy discussion on Matachewanian affairs the Sejm unanimously elected Beau Edwards as the first Local Prime Minister of Matachewan. After the successful meeting Matachewan has not called another meeting since. The government hopes that in the coming months that another Sejm meeting will be called.

End of the Commonwealth

In February of 2020 Brandon Mierzwa announced the dissolution of the Matachewanian Commonwealth, with Commonwealth member states - for example, the Antranador Federation and Okka - being granted full independence. The Commonwealth's reason for dissolving was due to the fact that the Commonwealth ran its course and could no longer support its member states.

March - April

In March of 2020 the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan made a decision that would eventually lead to political unrest, this unrest and fighting eventually led up to the Battle of Williamsburg and more radicalized politics, it felt like 2019 all over again however this time Matachewan put its foot down and fought the problems before they could lead to anything serious.

In March, political champion, Christopher Miller came out of the February election victorious, this came as no surprise as he won all the elections before that excluding the December election and August election. After some talks about creating a Matachewanian colonial system, King Brandon and Christopher introduced the Matachewanian Colonial Office so that globalized citizens outside of Matachewanian borders could register their property or local territory as a colony. This idea was met with mixed reactions however it was accepted as a good attempt to allow globals to enjoy the many things that localized Matachewanian citizens could enjoy.

Premier Miller's response to the "Declaration"

One day a man only by the name of Fredrick arrived in Matachewan, at the time regarded as a fine lad who was interested in Matachewanian colonialism. After he became a citizen he created the colony of New Augustine, named after the Matachewanian local city of St. Augustine. New Augustine, from the reports given by Fredrick, was a growing successful colony however things started to go south when promises to bring Fredrick into the Sejm were declined. It isn't known what happened in the span of a few days and it is not generally accepted by either side to draw assumed conclusions. Near late March, Matachewan and Etukan finally started to show resentment towards each other for political and personal affiliations, it is believed by Matachewan that the signed Matachewan-Etukan Agreement was broken by Etukan first by undermining and breaching Matachewan's agreed neutrality. However by Etukan it is believed Matachewan broke the treaty by denouncing Etukan as a whole and labeling it as a failed state. Whatever the matter was or which side you hear it from Matachewan and Etukan can both agree the treaty was broken. In response the tensions and breakdowns of negotiations, Etukan's ally, the Yedinist Republic of New Prussia decided to take negotiations into their own hands and when the talks broke down they declared "war" on Matachewan. To this day Matachewan and New Prussia are still at war however Matachewan refused to recognize the legitimacy of the document and government of New Prussia due to the former Humberlean disputes over the crown of New Prussia as well as refusing the war as New Prussia has no borders with Matachewan. It is not known what happened but this war has never ended and has never been fought and to this day Matachewan still refuses to accept that a state of war exists since the declaration is outlandish and illegitimate.

New Prussian "Declaration" of "war" against Matachewan

Now the scene was set and Matachewan had itself a choice, return to Etukan under the treaty or continue its attempt at full diplomatic isolation and neutrality. As expected Matachewan chose option two and decided to refuse talks with Etukara officials. So the facts as they were, Etukan and Matachewan were angry, New Prussia declared an unrecognized war and New Augustine was upset due to their own agenda, something was to start a conflict but what? Well it just so happened New Augustine was located next to the Etukara Delaware Colony. So Etukan seizing the opportunity, they organized a pitched battle with Matachewan in New Augustine in the territory of Williamsburg. Matachewan, not having enough military in the area called on the colony to assemble a militia force and King Brandon I personally promoted Fredrick to General Broni to take command of the militia. Matachewan's militia was out matched numerically and logistically. The militia could only arm themselves with sticks and nurf guns while the Etukara unit had bamboo pikes and bangers. The two forces met at Williamsburg and engaged, the outnumbered Matachewanians attempted to flank Etukan's forces and steal equipment however the flank was countered and Matachewan suffered two casualties (Both physical blows to the legs and torsos). Eventually after some more fighting the militia broke ranks and made a disorganized retreat. The battle was a humiliation to Matachewan but to Brandon and Christopher they still celebrated because although our soldiers came home wounded and beat they still fought and they should still be honored. Brandon encouraged Fredrick to open a second front and fight another battle however Fredward had enough and with support of Etukan surrendered the colony to Etukara forces and declared the Principality of New Augustine an independent nation. After some time New Augustine created the Fourth Republic of Matachewan, a breakaway state with hardly any recognition. It is not generally recognized as Matachewan. In response to this Matachewan sent spies to coup their government, which failed however to this day most of the government and online assets of the illegitimate Republic are made up of Brandon's loyalists and work as spies to inform him of everyday activity which is at an all time low.

After the major hit Christopher Miller resigned as Premier and on 5 April 2020 Christina Nowell was elected Premier of Matachewan.

April - July

During the months of April to July the Matachewanian political scene was very active with many political debates, fights, and agreements happening almost everyday.

After the embarrassing defeat at Williamsburg, Christopher Miller resigned, and Christina Nowell was voted into office with her local partner Simon Fraser. After the election Christina was met with opposition from Robert Smith, at the time a Pro-Con politician, who questioned the legitimacy of Christina's power and the December Constitution. Robert Smith gave many valid points that the December Constitution was never formally declared void. This led Brandon Mierzwa to officially make a royal decree declaring the Constitution of December 2019 void. This action was not positively perceived by the population. After the constitution was no longer in effect the Sejm had become a disorganized institution which eventually led to its suspension.

Eventually Christina Nowell had enough and Robert was tried with "Sejm tampering" and eventually treason. Once the news had broken out the Matachewanian government passed the Treason Act which defined treason for the time being. Robert Smith having already stated that the charges put on him were unjustified the Christina Administration refused to let him speak on his own behalf. After irrelevant evidence was produced against Robert the trial had finally begun after 1 month of delay. The trial was headed by Brandon Mierzwa who served as judge while Christina Nowell represented the crown and Robert Smith the defense. The trial lasted almost one week and once it was concluded Brandon Mierzwa had influenced the Jury that Robert was innocent, which indeed he was. Later it was leaked that Brandon had tampered with the trial Christina stated that she would "Bend Matachewanian Law". Once this too had been leaked to the Matachewanian Weekly, Brandon finally put his foot down and demanded Christina resign. With no formal resignation Brandon called upon the local Matachewanian Armed Forces to suspend the Sejm and take direct control of Matachewan. On 15 May 2020 the Matachewanian Armed Forces had complete control of the country and Nicholas Lokin served as "Premier" until 1 June.

August - September 2020

On 1 August 2020 Christopher Miller was elected Premier with help of the Coalition which at the time contained the Conservative League of Matachewan, United Northern Liberals, Solidarity Party of Matachewan, and the Patriotic Front Successfully defeating Robert Smith. A record of 30 people voted in the Premier election along with 20 citizens voting in the Sejm elections. The Coalition also came into power with a 8/12 super majority in Sejm[4]. Andreas Hudson was declared speaker of Sejm unopposed. A few bills were passed in the Sejm, Sejm Bill #020 which ratified the documents needed to apply into the Cupertino Alliance, Amendment 002 that would clarify in the constitution that at the start of a new Sejm the previously elected speaker would be the one to hold elections for their replacement[5], The Justice Reform Act that would change the way Justices were appointed to the court by cutting the premier out of the process and instead have the King pick a candidate that then must pass a bar exam created by a independent committee and then a referendum must be held where 50% of the population must approve of the Judge. It would also categorize offences into 3 groups[6]:

The month of September was the other half of Christopher Miller's administration. The month of September is where the constitution was heavily amended to give the Matachewan local population more power this was also one of Christopher Miller's campaign promise. The Sejm was fairly inactive in the month of September only passing one law named the Law Organization Act which created a system that would clarify and further layout the procedure a law had to take through the Sejm and the Szlachta.

Christopher Miller announced he would not be running for re-election so Xavier Jackson decided to announce his campaign and got support of the Coalition. Robert Smith the Labour Party Chairman also announced he would be running for Premier. Isaiah Burdette the Chairman of the Conservative League saw that no right wingers had announced candidacy and he decided he would run for Premier, Based Baddie also eventually announced candidacy. A premier debate was held before the elections where Xavier Jackson and Robert Smith both participated.

Xavier Jackson ended up winning the elections on a landslide.

September Constitution

The June Constitution was heavily amended on 4 September 2020 these amendments made for a new legislative branch of only locals that was given substantially more power then Sejm, a more in depth legislative system, and restored the office of Prime Minister which a local could only hold it also gave the position of Prime Minister substantially more power then the office of Premier something both local and global citizens could hold.[7]

First Local Election


The executive branch of Matachewan is currently made up of the following people, Premier Xavier J., Prime Minister Ashton C., Marshal Beau Edwards, and His Majesty Brandon I of Matachewan.

Council of Ministers (Cabinet)

The Council of Ministers is appointed by the Prime Minister of Matachewan to oversee there respective agencies and ministries. The Council is made up of Ministers, however Advisors are also permitted to attend and oversee Council activity but may only speak of behalf of the Minister of the department said Advisor works under.

The Ministries Include: (as of 2020)
 • Ministry of Defense manages military affairs of the Kingdom and observes and upkeeps security and defense of local territory and the government discord server.
 • Ministry of Economic Development manages and oversees Matachewan's economic and industrial growth.
 • Ministry of Domestic Affairs manages local affairs and the affairs of the citizenry.
 • Ministry of Education & Environment manages Matachewanian Education and Schooling as well as protecting the natural environment of local territories.
 • Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages the Foreign Affairs of Matachewan and keeps the government server and online assets running.
 • Ministry of Justice manages the Judicial system of Matachewan and ensures the Matachewanian voice is heard and represented.

The current list of Ministers after the October 1st elections:

  • Minister Beau E - Ministry of Economic Development
  • Minister Robert S - Ministry of Justice
  • Minister Christopher M - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister Charles S - Ministry of Education & Environment
  • Minister Jessica M - Ministry of Defense
  • Minister Simon F - Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Sejm of Matachewan

Official Sejm and Logo of the Grand Sejm of Matachewan

The Grand Sejm of Matachewan or Sejm is the legislature of Matachewan and is tasked with the job or creating, proposing and voting on bills and acts. If an act passes it is then approved or vetoed by the King and Premier. The King's veto can be overruled by a 2/3 Sejm vote where such a vote cannot be vetoed by the King. The Sejm is made up of 12 seats and each seat occupant is called a Member of the Sejm. Each Sejm terms is 2 months, once these months are concluded the parties are given time to campaign and run members and once the campaigns are finished the Sejm members each party sends out are then put on a ballot and voted for by the citizens. The Speaker of the Sejm is elected among the Sejm members and the job of the Speaker is to call sessions, end sessions and manage Sejm votes.

Sejm of Matachewan after July 5th emergency election (Outdated)

Szlachta of Matachewan

The Szlachta of Matachewan was restored on the 4 September 2020 after the passing of the amended June Constitution, now the September Constitution. The Szlachta originally served as a advisory council during the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth and was dissolved in August 2019 in favour of the Sejm. The Szlachta is made up of five nobles, one from each noble family, and the Prime Minister of Matachewan that is elected every 2 months and serves as Head of Government with the Premier representing the Prime Minister globally over discord, twitter, or other sites. The Szlachta is meant to review Sejm bills and pass them through to the Prime Minister so the laws can be enforced in Matachewanian territory.

The Szlachta also has the job of electing a King if the preceding King, dies, becomes unable to rule, or abdicates without an heir. From there the Szlachta has a 24hr voting process to elect a King. If no King is elected within 24hrs the Prime Minister has the right to assume the throne and become the next King of Matachewan.

The current seating of the Szlachta is different to the Sejm. The Szlachta does allow multiple ideologies but no political factions are allowed in the Szlachta to avoid political fighting between nobility. Instead the Szlachta is made up of one faction that is independent and doesn't side with any political party. This goes the same for the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister may have support from a party but once elected they must take on political independence.

Faction Szlachta Prime Minister of Matachewan Deputy Prime Minister
Noble Families of Matachewan (Independents)
4 / 5
1 / 1
0 / 1


In Matachewan there are elections every 2 months. During these elections the people will vote for the candidates the think best represent them. The parties play a major role in Sejm Politics because these platforms represent the people who support the party and said ideology of such party. When the Premier is elected every 2 months, after said election the Premier will be tasked with a appointing the Deputy Premier.

The current parties that make up current Matachewanian politics are the Patriotic Front (PF), United Northern Liberal (UNL), Labour Party (LP), Conservative League (CL), and Solidarity Party (SP).

Independents do not belong to parties and are just politicians who do not affiliate with a political party or have been removed from their party during their current term. The last recorded independent to run for office was during the 1 September Elections where Peter S. Warren, former Monarchist, won an election against Christopher Miller, Progressive Conservative (Now Patriotic Front).

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Sejm Premier of Matachewan Deputy Premier Council of Ministers
Patriotic Front N/A Christopher Miller Monarchism, Patriotism
0 / 12
0 / 1
1 / 1
2 / 6
Conservative League
Isaiah Burdette Conservatism
3 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
1 / 6
United Northern Liberal Party of Matachewan
United Northern Liberal.png
Nicholas Lokin Liberalism, Left Nationalism
2 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
0 / 6
Labour Party of Matachewan
Labour Party Matachewan.jpg
Robert Smith Social Democracy, Patriotism, Socialism
3 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
3 / 6
Solidarity Party of Matachewan N/A Minister Xavier Social Democracy
4 / 12
1 / 1
0 / 1
0 / 6
Independent N/A N/A N/A
0 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
0 / 6

Ministry of Justice

Matachewan's judicial system is managed by the Ministry of Justice. The system is structured like this: Grand Court The Matachewanian Judicial System all starts with the Grand Court.

  • Minister of Justice is the person responsible for and supervising Matachewan's judiciary system.
  • Chief Justice is the person who oversees and managed the Grand Court, maintains records, declines court case and appoints a jury.
  • Justices are the people who pick a Chief Justice and are responsible for presiding over court cases and are responsible for review and if necessary nullify Sejm Bills and other forms of Laws.

Ministry of Defense

The Government of Matachewan sees defense as a main priority and treats military affairs very seriously especially in times of high alert. The Matachewanian Army is currently lead by a group of local generals called the Council of Generals. This council is responsible for implementing any changes in Matachewan's army and approving these proposed changes. The Generals are also responsible for creation of new tactics and plans concerning Matachewan in times of war, be it micronational or macronational. Matachewan's currently functional branches of the Armed Forces are the Matachewanian Army, Matachewanian Navy and M.C.B. (Matachewan Cipher Bureau)

Matachewanian Education System

The Matachewanian Education System does not specialize or offer K-12 education but rather we educate people about Matachewan. The education system teaches multiple things about Matachewan from its history and geography to teaching people how to build Matachewanian designed goods. The ministry of education is currently in the process of creating educational books and maps for students. Matachewan's education also branches out to military education and offers a Officer Training Program. The current system is still being worked on, refined and improved upon.

Constitution of Matachewan

Matachewanian Constitution Preamble

The Constitution of Matachewan was created on 3 June 2020 by the Smith Administration to bring common rights and privileges to each Matachewanian citizen and defined the government's rules and set boundaries to avoid abuse of power and neglect from the nation's leaders.

The Constitution was heavily amended on 4 September 2020 by the Miller Administration to restore the office of Prime Minister, as well as restoring the Szlachta of Matachewan. The new constitution also expands upon the judicial system of Matachewan giving the common citizen more rights in court and it also defines civil and criminal law examples in Matachewan.

Foreign relations

Matachewan has foreign relations with many nations along with membership in a few alliances.

Formal Relation
Nation Treaty
Flag of Nordika.png Second Principality of Nordika Matachewanian-Nordikan Treaty of Mutual Recognition
ISSR Flag.jpg People's Republic of Adonia Matachewanian-Adonian Treaty of Mutual Recognition
Atiera flag.svg Kingdom of Atiera Matachewanian-Atieran Treaty of Mutual Recognition
NewImpFlag.jpg Imperial Republic of Eiru Eiruan - Matachewanian Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
Flag of Regelis.svg Regelis Matachewanian-Regelis Treaty of Mutual Recognition
Flag of Humberlea.png Kingdom of Humberlea Matachewan-Humberlea Treaty of Mutual Recognition
Kaden flag.jpeg Kaiserreich von Käden Matachewanian-Käden Treaty of Mutual Recognition
Flag of Elysium.png Republic of Elysium Elysium Matachewan Treaty
Yu-Xia Republic New Flag.png Republic of Yu-Xia Yu-Xian - Matachewanian Treaty of Mutual Recognition
Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg Grand Republic of Cycoldia Treaty of Mutual Recognition


Landscape and Animal Populations

The landscape of Matachewan is divided into two parts, Northern Matachewan (Matachewan Ontario, Bell Island) and Central Matachewan (St. Catharines, Niagara on the Lake). The land and features of both districts are very different.

Northern Matachewan: Northern Matachewan is located close to Ontario's far North in the small Gold Mining Town of Matachewan Ontario. Northern Matachewan's land is filled with dense forests consisting of White birch trees and Eastern white pine trees, the terrain of Northern Matachewan is very jagged and elevated, sitting on the Canadian Shield, the land of Northern Matachewan is very resource rich with the Montreal River and Mistinikon Lakes running through Matachewan and Bell Island. To the North sits the Upper and Lower Matachewan Lakes that feed into the Montreal River. There is also a large animal population as one would expect due to the location. The largest animal groups in Northern Matachewan are the Black bear, Spruce grouse, Canadian lynx and Eastern moose. There is also a significant Fish population in Northern Matachewan the most predominant species in Northern Matachewan being the Northern pike, Smallmouth bass and Walleye.

Black Bear eating in natural habitat

Central Matachewan: Central Matachewan is located in St. Catharines Ontario and Niagara on the Lake Ontario. Cenral Matachewan's land is mostly urban with many parks and nature reserves especially near the Niagara Escarpment. Central Matachewan's land is very flat and the soil is very fertile due to the location. Central Matachewan has direct access to Lake Ontario and the Welland Canal. Central Matachewan also has territory on the Niagara River. Central Matachewan's largest animal populations are White-tailed deer, Northern cardinal and Black-capped chickadee. Central Matachewan's largest fish populations are Walleye, Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and Yellow perch.

Northern pike fishing in Matachewan

Map of Matachewan

The Map of Matachewan has changed many times throughout its 5 year history but has seen minimal boarder change in the last 4 months. The current map consists of Matachewanian core and non-core territory. Matachewan's map centers around areas of importance to Matachewan like Matachewanian owned workshops, training grounds and Matachewanian construction land. [3]


Northern Matachewan Entrance Road March 2020

The climate of Matachewan varies between two main territories. The climate of Central Matachewan (Oblate City, Fort Carlton, Louisville, Thorald City) would be described as Humid Continental Climate. The climate of Northern Matachewan (Fort Matachewan/Bell Island) can be described as Humid Continental Climate however due to the long winters and lack of humidity it could also pass of as a Subarctic Climate and because of its super long winters and massive temperature drops it'll be labeled as Subarctic.

Oblate City, Fort Carlton, Louisville, Thorald Stone City

Climate data for Grand Kingdom of Matachewan /Oblate City/Fort Carlton/Louisville/Thorald Stone City)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -0.8
Average low °C (°F) -8.2
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 61
Source: EN Climate Data[8]

Northern Matachewan, Fort Matachewan, Bell Island

Northern Matachewan is filled with dense pine forests and snows from Late November - Early May.

Climate data for Northern Matachewan, Fort Matachewan, Bell Island)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -10.1
Average low °C (°F) -22.6
Average Precipitation mm (inches) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No Trusted Source
Source: Matachewan Ontario Weather Statistics [9]


Brief case of the first printed Zloty.


Matachewan currently uses it's own currency the Zloty which used to be backed by pine wood but is in the middle of being changed from pine wood to scrap metal. The National Banking Committee which is made up of, the King, Premier, Minister of Economic Development, and three other committee men co-appointed by the King and Premier and verified by the Sejm. Is in charge of keeping a record of the Zloty and how much wood is in the national bank along with printing the Zloty.[10]


Polish, Canadian and American cultures have a large influence on the Matachewanian culture. Matachewanians tend to enjoy things like hailing Pilsudski and making meme religions like Begelism and Kielbasa. Memes are generally enjoyed by most of the population and the discussion of politics is often left to Left vs Right.


Marshal Pilsudski of Poland was very popular to Hail in Matachewan.

Matachewanians enjoy many different foods but the most popular foods and drinks that local Matachewanians enjoy are:

Brandon Mierzwa's dinner with locally caught fish from Northern Matachewan
  • Coke
  • Rice
  • Fish
  • JmonkS Fish and Chips
  • Poutine
  • MTN Dew
  • Naleśniki (Polish Pancakes)
  • Matacheweagne (Homemade Blackberry Wine made in Matachewan)


Matachewanian holidays consist primarily of Christian holidays(such as Easter and Christmas), in addition to Polish Independence Day, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and the anniversary of the Matachewanian Radio Scandal.

Date Name
1 January New Years Day
13 April Matachewanian Radio Scandal Anniversary
First Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon Easter
3 June Constitution Day
30 June Independence Day
1 August Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising
Every 2nd Monday of October Thanksgiving
11 November Remembrance/Veterans/Polish Independence Day
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Years Eve


Matachewanian Media is mostly consisted of the government owned YouTube Channel MatachewanGov.. The channel primarily features Matachewanian Music and 1 map video. Matachewan has two new papers 1 being the inactive Matachewan Weekly and the other being Labour party Owned, Peoples Voice. Another media channel in Matachewan is the privately owned Lokin Productions, this media channel being owned by Nicholas Lokin.


Matachewanians listen to a variety of music but primarily listen to Germanic, Slavic or Scandinavian Patriotic Marches or Folk Music. Matachewan has made 1 piece of music named the Matachewanian Waltz No. 1 composed by HM Brandon I. Matachewan occasionally has something called "Jazz Night" where the King is often playing Polish Folk, Polkas and Waltzes on the Alto Sax. Formerly there was also "Song Night" where Brandon would sing requested songs but this has been long retired.



Religious Groups in Matachewan

Matachewan, unlike most modern nations, does hold a state religion and is not an official secular state. However it should be noted that Matachewan does guarantee religious freedom to all it's citizens as stated in the Constitution of Matachewan.

The largest religious group in Matachewan is Catholic which is the country's state religion alongside Judaism. The reasoning for Judaism being recognized as an official religion is because of Matachewan's small but active Jewish minority.

Other religions and groups include:

Cultural Groups

Cultural Groups of Local and Global Matachewan

The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan is a multiethnic nation with many cultures making up Matachewan. However it should be noted that much of local Matachewan (Central and Northern Matachewan) have major populations of Polish-Canadians, First Generation Poles and Jews. The large Polish population is the reason why Matachewan borrows many symbols and names from Poland. Matachewanians who have embraced Polonization have went under a new identity different from Polish. This new identity is recognized in Matachewan as "Matachewanian", a culture made from the Anglification of Poles in Local Matachewan. The Matachewanians, similar to the Polish-Siberians, identify as Polish exiles as many of the Poles that make up the new Matachewanian culture as descendants from political and religious exiles from Poland during the Soviet control of the country.

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