Grand Duchy of Letzia

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Großherzogtum Letzia

Letzia ins himmelblau
Capital cityAlzenau
Official language(s)German, English
Official religion(s)Lutheran
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- GrossherzogChristian VI
- KanzlerClaus von Stägeln
- Type - Appointed council
- Number of seats - 15
Established1098 AD
Area claimed1,475 km2
CurrencyLetziänischer Krone

Letzia, officially the Grand Duchy of Letzia (Großherzogtum Letzia) is a small and landlocked nation in central Europe. Letzia is bordered by the Czech Republic to the North, Germany to the West and Austria to the South and East.

Current Monarch is Grand Duke Christian VI.


Letzia was first established as Sovereign Duchy within the Holy Roman Empire in the Late 11th century. Rudolph of Alzenau (Rudolph I) was granted the Duchy as a reward for his participation in the First Crusade. The Duchy of Letzia later expanded, merging with the Saxon Duchy of Stägeln, forming the Grand Duchy of Letzia in 1422.


Letzia is a strongly nationalistic and religious nation, it has remained generally Lutheran since the late 16th century.