Grand Court

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Grand Court
Established 30 June 2013
Country Empire of Adammia
Composition method Monarch and Chancellor ex-officio
Authorized by Supreme Directive
Number of positions 1
Annual budget N/A
Currently Emperor Adam I
Since 30 June 2013
Lead position ends For life
Lord Chancellor
Currently Emperor Adam I
Since 1 January 2017
Lead position ends For life

The Grand Court is the highest court of the Empire of Adammia with jurisdiction over ordinary civil and criminal law. By default, the Judge of the Grand Court is the Monarch, with the Chancellor as a deputy judge. The Grand Court has jurisdiction over all Adammic law except for constitutional law, which can only be interpreted by the Office of State. It is the highest court of appeal for ordinary law, and its judgements are binding over all lower courts.

The Grand Court was established as the Empire of Adammia's main judicial organ by the enactment of the Supreme Directive on 30 June 2013, following the Empire's first ever referendum. However, throughout its history, it has never convened to hear a single case. This is largely because Adammia has a virtually non-existent crime rate.