Governors Council

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Governors Council
1st Session
424px-Hungary Communist seal 2nd 1957.png
TypeUnicameral legislature
HousesGovernors Council
President of the CouncilRichard Vincent, Popular Party of Richland
since September 2009
Members4 Representatives
Governors Council political groups     Popular Party of Richland (4)
     Independent (0)
Governors Council last electionSeptember 2009

The Governors Council is the primary decision-making body within the People's Republic of Richland. The Governors Council is the first officially formed legislature and holds monthly sessions. The Council adjourns in numerous venues but the meeting is usually held in the Presidential Office. Currently the council is made up of 4 governors. Every governor is part of the Popular Party of Richland therefore making the government a single-party state. The current president of the council is Richard Vincent, elected in 2009.

Number Picture Name Political Party State Details
1. Meeting2.jpg Marcus Hoffman Popular Party of Richland 5ft-x-3ft-lin-flag-546-p.jpg State of Lincentia Governor , Marcus is currently serving as a Governor and has since 2010
2. AlbertoePRR.png Alberto Kanost Popular Party of Richland Nwpoluis.png State of New Polis Governor, Has been serving as Governor and has since 2011
3. Anthony Windau.jpg Anthony Windau Popular Party of Richland 270308 1661460475130 1795741897 1082029 6799858 n.jpg State of Populi Governor, Has been currently serving as a Governor and has since 2010.
4. DSC00143.jpg Richard Vincent Popular Party of Richland Polis Flag.png State of Polis President of the Council, Has been the presiding officer since 2010 .