Governor of Atlantis

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Governor of Atlantis
Official logo
Sante Belfort
Since 6 January 2014
Style: The Honourable

His Excellency
(diplomatic, outside the RoA)

Term length: One year
Party: New Socialist Party
Inaugurational holder: Alex Specter

The Governor of Atlantis is the chief executive of the Atlantis federation government. The governor is elected every year and is a member of the Atlantis Assembly and coordinates the works. Also, the governor nominate the Mayor of Caprica among the members of the assembly.

List of Governors

# Took Office Left Office Portrait Name Party Election
1 19 July 2012 10 January 2013 90px Alex Specter Socialist 2012
2 10 January 2013 8 January 2014   Flavio Beninati Socialist 2013
3 8 January 2014 2 February 2015   Sante Belfort Socialist 2014
4 2 February 2015 Incumbent   Lorenzo Zoni Socialist 2015