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! width=200|Name
! width=200|Name
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! width=80|Party
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| rowspan=1| [[File:Cata.png|90px]]
| rowspan=1| [[File:Cata.png|90px]]
| rowspan=1|'''[[Vincent Branchadell]]'''
| rowspan=1|'''[[Vincent Branchadell]]'''

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Government Chkaya II
2nd ministry of Occitania
Date formed 24 May 2017
People and organizations
Head of government Babou Chkaya
No. of ministers 5
Member party Esquerra!-PIP
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party None
Election(s) May 2017
Legislature term(s) 22 November 2017
Previous Chkaya I
Successor Chkaya II

Babou Chkaya, who formed the first occitanian government has been Occitania since 22 November 2016 after being elected by the Soviet Suprême.


The Government of the Popular Union of Occitania is governed by the president of the union who was elected by the Soviet Suprême. It chooses all the ministers and creates the governmental agencies. The only minister he does not appoint is the minister in charge of the Catalan minority who is traditionally the president of the Republic of Three Flowers.

# Portait Name Party
1 Bcop.png Babou Chkaya Esquerra!


Ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister after approval of the sovereign. They are collectively responsible to the Sovereign and the Senate. After the constitutional reform of 1 April 2014, no number of minister in the Constitution allowing the prime minister to choose the number of person he wants.

Minister of Medias and Telecommunication

# Logo Name Party
1 Flag of Tagtabazar.png Juan Cisneros PIP

Minister of the Catalan minority

This ministry is responsible for ensuring respect for and promotion of the Catalan minority.

# Logo Name Party
1 Cata.png Vincent Branchadell Independent

Minister of Agriculture

# Portrait Name Party
1 Bcop.png Babou Chkaya Esquerra!