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Government Branchadell II

The Government Branchadell II is the eigh cabinet of the Occitanian micronation (and first one of Nova-Occitania) following the Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2019 and the recreation of Occitania.

Government Branchadell II
8th ministry of Occitania
Date formed 28 July 2019
Date dissolved 27 November 2019
People and organizations
Head of government Vicent Branchadell
No. of ministers 11
Member party D • MON
Status in legislature Legislative Majority
Opposition party None
Election(s) Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2019
Outgoing election Nova-Occitania legislative election, November 2019
Legislature term(s) 27 November 2019
Previous Branchadell I
Successor Minaïeva