Governing Commissioner of Idolas

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Governing Commissioner of Idolas
Coat of arms of Idolas.svg
Coat of arms of Idolas
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerThe Monarch
Term lengthAt His Majesty's leisure
Formation21 August 2020

The Governing Commissioner of Idolas is the de-facto head-of-government for the Crown Dependency. Said position is held indefinitely at the "leisure" of the reigning Monarch of Ikonia. While in office, the Commissioner serves as the official representative of the King within Idolas and as such; acts as final say on all matters of local governance and ceremonial affairs.

List of Commissioners

Image Name Term start Term end
Aidan in May, 2019.png Aidan, 1st Duke of Limiport 21 August 2020 22 April 2021