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The Mandate of Gondia was a micronation located in the United States that was founded on June 1, 2019. It is one of the few micronations that are based on East Asian cultures. The current Governor General is Yuri. Gondia was founded on June 1, 2019, after Brianna (Yuri) was introduced to the community of micronations by Maximilian von Schroeder. Brianna decided to base her new nation off of Japan because of her love of Nintendo's Animal Crossing game series. Over a year later Gondia was annexed by Wynnland into the Wynnish Empire.

Mandate of Gondia

Official seal of Mandate of Gondia
Coat of Arms
"Nam et rex Wynnland!"
"For King and Wynnland!"'
Sovereign stateWynnland
EstablishmentJune 1st, 2020
Wynnish Crown DependencyJune 8th, 2020
Administrative seat
and City
Official languagesEnglish, Japanese, German
GovernmentViceregal constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Maximilian I
• Governor General
Brianna Schneider
LegislatureImperial Council
• 2020 census
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright