Goldensteins national symbols

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Goldenstein has several national symbols most of them are related to nature and animals do to the animal loving culture in Goldenstein.

National symbols

Title symbol became official note
National color Red, orange, white, green and blue 30 january 2019
National song Freedom in my heart 30 january 2019
National motto "Land of the freedom and nature" 30 january 2019
National day 1 march 1 january 2020

National animals

Title Photo Animal became official Note
National animal Dog 30 january 2019
National marine animal Turtle 30 january 2019
National fish Yellow goldfish 30 january 2019
National bird Seagull 6 june 2019
National insect Bee 6 june 2019
National savannah animals Elephant 6 june 2019
National artic animal Polar bear 3 may 2020
National farm animal Goat 3 may 2020

National plants and element

Title Photo Plant became official Note
National tree Birch 31 january 2019
National flower Tulpin 6 june 2019
National element Gold 6 june 2019

National food

Title Photo Food became official Note
National food Smörgåstårta (Breadcake) 1 march 2019
National drink Trocadero 1 march 2019
National berry cloudberry 1 march
National jam lingonberry jam 6 june 2019
National fruit Apple 6 june 2019
National vegetable Carrot 6 june 2019


Title Photo Thing became official Note
National sport Cycling 30 january 2019
National water sport Canone 30 january 2019