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|capital            = [[Goldenstein City]]
|capital            = [[Goldenstein City]]
|largest_city      = [[Goldenstein City]]
|largest_city      = [[Goldenstein City]]
|languages          = [[w:swedish|Swedish]]
|languages          = [[w:English|English]] and [[w:swedish|Swedish]]  
|recognised_lang    = [[w:English|English]] and [[w:swedish|Swedish]]  
|recognised_lang    =
|religions          = Atheism  
|religions          = Atheism  
|shortname          = Goldenstein
|shortname          = Goldenstein

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Kingdom of Goldenstein or Goldenstein (Swedish: Kungadömet Goldenstein) is a landlocked European micronation surrounded by Sweden located in the east part of the Scandinavian peninsula. The country has three separeted territories called Goldenstein City, Alfons and Lillytown.

Kingdom of Goldenstein
Coat of arms

"Land of the freedom and nature"
"Freedom in my heart"

Capital cityGoldenstein City
Largest cityGoldenstein City
Official language(s)English and Swedish
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameGoldenstein
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingH.M Wilson I
LegislatureGoldenstein Government
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 28 february 2020
Established30 january 2019
Area claimed0.4 ha
Population32 (11 october 2020)
CurrencySwedish krona and Goldensteinish krona
GDP (nominal)n/a
Time zone+1 UTC
Internet TLDsuggestion is .go
National sportShuffelboard
National dishSandwich-cake
National drinkTrocadero
National animalDog and Turtle
National exportFood and home decoration



Where the name Goldenstein come from are not completely determined. But the most likely explanation is that Goldensteins name came from a composition of the german words Golden (Gold) and stein (stone).

Government and politics


Goldenstein is an monarchy that have a small parlament with only five seats. Most of the proposals that sends in go to public vote.

There are only one authority and it is the government and the government has 5 sections that's are: Riksbanken (National bank), GSA (Police and firedepartment) a person that work on GSA are called custom or police, Nordposten (postal service) and GOSP (GOldenstein Science Program).


Goldenstein is a neutral country and have never been in a war. Goldenstein was member of the union organisations of active micronations but leave because the unprofessional level by many of the members. Instead Goldenstein start with its neutrality policy.

Foreign affairs

Goldenstein have a number of diplomatic relations with other states. Goldenstein recognize over 200 states. Goldensteins policy for recognition is the nation full fill a number of requirements.


30 January 2019 declare the country independence from Sweden but has not been recognized by Sweden. In feburary 2019 Goldenstein establish its own currency and post stamps. In march the same year Goldenstein also get its first recognition. In april 2020 Goldenstein switch the ratio on its currency.

Culture and language

Goldenstein has a very Swedish culture and celebrates several Swedish traditions. Since Goldenstein is atheist, holidays are celebrated without religious elements. The day that get most attention is the national day 1 march every year. Goldenstein has two official languages which are Swedish and English.

Goldensteins car license plate


Goldenstein have socialmedia accounts on Instagram with the name goldenstein_government. Goldenstein also have a Webb-TV channel that's run on Youtube. The channel are named Goldenstein TV (GTV for short)

Geography and climate

Goldenstein is located in the center of the nordic. Goldensteins higest point is 30 meters over sea level.

Goldenstein has heat summer with up to 30 °C and on the winter it can be down to -20 °C . The heat record is 34 °C (27 july 2019). In Goldenstein there are 5 seasons. which is winter, autumn, spring, summer and the slush. Due to climate change Goldenstein didn't have any winter or slush season 2019/2020. Which means that the season jumped from Autumn to spring.


Goldenstein has a very small Vehicles fleet with only 1 ship, a small numbers of cars and some bikes. Because of the small area it doen't exist any airports. The government have investigate if it would be possible to open a railway. But problem with finding a manufacturer have delayed the plan.


Goldenstein has its own currency called Goldensteinish krona or GKR. Goldenstein is also in an unofficial currency union with Sweden that means you also can use Swedish kronor (SEK) in Goldenstein.

Goldensteinish krona

GKR are tied to the Swedish kronor. 2 april 2020 10 swedish kronor equals 1 Goldensteinish krona. Before 2 april 2020 1 GKR equals 2 SEK, 2 april 2020 the government decided to stop print banknotes instead only use coins. Goldensteinish krona exist in four denominations which is 0.5 GKR, 1 GKR, 5 GKR and 10 GKR.