Goji was one of the two cities in Federal Republic of Baránok and the country's biggest one. It was located in the Republic of New Pennsylvania. There were headquarters of two Baranese political parties: Democrats and ZSAMB.

—  City  —
Established April 2020
Founder Imrich Kvajda, T.L.
 - Mayor Imrich Kvajda (DP)
Population (2020)
 - Total 3 (no inhabitants)
Demonym Gojise


Goji didn't have a very big history. It was established in April 2020. T.L. was appointed as the first Governor and I. Kvajda as the first Mayor.


Goji was led by a Mayor, the last one was Imrich Kvajda. The city didn't have any legislature, but the Mayor represented Goji in the Council of New Pennsylvania.