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The Global Progressive Association is a micronational alliance created by The Kingdom of Wellmoore and The Quezon Republic and headed by the Secretary General. It was formed on the 2nd of June 2021, succeeding and working alongside the Progressive Association.

The Global Progressive Association
PredecessorProgressive Association
Formation2nd of June 2021
FounderHM King Luke of Wellmoore and Matt Martinez Feingold
TypeMicronational Alliance
  • Intermicronational
Membership (2021)
Official language
Staff (2021)
Volunteers (2021)


The Global Progressive Association was founded on June 2, 2021. HM King Luke of Wellmoore was chosen as Secretary General of the Global Progressive Association.


The purpose of the Global Progressive Association is to help all micronations, both simulationist, and realist, to grow and prosper. Members of this Association have good intentions for other member nations and wish to help themselves and their counterparts achieve the futures they wish to come to fruition.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the primary organ of the Global Progressive Association, majority of debates take place in the GA. The GA is lead by the Director of the General Assembly.

Duties of the General Assembly

The General Assembly is responsible for the smooth running of the GPA, dealing with issues within micronations, helping Heads of States and Heads of Governments run their nations, working with the Security Council to pass rules for the organisation and helping advocate for the organisation's values.

General Assembly Membership

All Full Members of the GPA have a seat in the General Assembly.

The Security Council

The Security Council is the secondary organ of the Global Progressive Association charged with ensuring international peace and security and recommending the admission of new GPA members to the General Assembly. The Security Council is lead by the Director of the Security Council.

Duties of the Security Council

Its duties and powers include establishing peacekeeping operations, enacting international sanctions, and authorising military action. The Security Council is the only GPA body with the authority to issue binding resolutions on Member States.

Security Council Membership

The Security Council has Permanent and Non-Permanent Members. Non-Permanent Members are switch every two years.

Permanent Members of the Security Council

Former Members

  • The Kingdom of Titan was a Permanent Member until their collapse on the 4th of August 2020.

List of Members

Full Members




| Secretary General - HM King Luke of Wellmoore

| Deputy Secretary General - Vacant

| Director of the General Assembly - Erkki Tsaikovsky

| Chairman of the Court of Justice - Matt Martinez Feingold

| Director of the Security Council - Vacant

| Director of Foreign Affairs - Aannaaak Desslok

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