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|leader_title1        = Lord Governor
|leader_title1        = Lord Governor
|leader_title2        =  
|leader_title2        =  
|leader_name            = [[Ned Vlăsceanu|HGM Despot Ned I]]
|leader_name            = [[Ned Vodă|HGM Despot Ned I]]
|leader_name1          = [[Ned Vlăsceanu|HGM Despot Ned I]]
|leader_name1          = [[Ned Vodă|HGM Despot Ned I]]
|leader_name2            =  
|leader_name2            =  
|established_title      = Established
|established_title      = Established

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Giulium Province
Provincia Giulium (Romanian)
  Province of Vlasynia  
Country Flag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynia
Capital District of Giulești-Sârbi
Demonym Giulian
Established 29 February 2020 (as Giulești-Sârbi District)
30 March 2020 (became Province)
? ? 2020 (renamed to "Peshmeg")
18 July 2020 (renamed to "Giulium")
 - Sovereign HGM Despot Ned I
 - Lord Governor HGM Despot Ned I
 - Total 1.81 km2 (0.7 sq mi)
Elevation 78 m (256 ft)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
 - Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Time zone Vlasynian Standard Time (VST) (UTC+02:00)

Giulium is a Vlasynian Province situated in western Bucharest. It is comprised of 3 Districts and shares land borders with Romania to the north, west and south and with the Enok Province to the east. Its territory covers a vast grassland area west of the Lacul Morii Lake ("Mill Lake").

Giulium was first established on 29 February 2020, incorporating the modern-day Districts of Upper Sărindar and Giulești-Sârbi, while its latest expansion occured on 2 November 2020, when it was added the District of Chiajna.