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The Viscounty of Giddis (Dutch) Het Burggraafschap Giddis

Coat of arms

Leader: Viscount Hein of Giddis
Micronation: Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Location: Siple Island
Date of foundation: 6 January 2009
Language: Dutch (Belgium)
Demonym: Giddiser


Since the foundation of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis on 4 September 2008 Giddis was one of the provinces. On 6 January 2009 Flandrensis changed the provinces in counties and hereby introduce the feudal system. Giddis is also the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and the residence of the Grand Duke and the Senate.


The leader is Viscount Hein of Giddis, he is the Prime Minister and the second most important person in the Grand Duchy. He is also the founder of the Nationalistische Partij van Flandrensis (NPF) and is the CEO of the Black Sun Corporation. The Viscount is the head of the Flandrensis Security Intelligence Service (FSIS).