Garden Republic of Sirland

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Garden Republic of Sirland
Coat of arm

For dè Sirsķ (for the Sirish)
Proud to be a country
Location of Sirland

Capital cityGardehus
Largest cityGardehus
Official language(s)German, Russian and Sirish
GovernmentGarden Republic
- PresidentPresident Michael
- Type - Parliament
Area claimed0.026 ha
Time zoneUTC +1
National drinkKvass
National animalRedtail bird

The Garden Republic of Sirland, or for short Sirland, is an European micronation surrounded by Germany. Sirland's territory consists of 3 cities(Darlin, Strehlhof and Gardehus, the capital) and 3 overseas territories(Laakland, Golf Islands and Ruie).


Sirland was founded in 1997 by an former garden owner and had the name Sirish Republic. In 2006 the micronation changed name to Sirish Garden Republic the name was just for one year before changed to Sirish empire. Since 2009 the micronation have the name Garden Republic of Sirland.