Gaplan Antarctic Territory

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Gaplan Antarctic Territory
Kingdom of Gaplan Antarctica
  Special Administrative Region  


Coat of Arms
Sovereign state GaplaFlag.png Federated States of Gapla
Cities 60
 - King De facto: Wyatt I
De jure: Vacant
Population (May 2022)
 - Total 0
Website (under construction)

The Gaplan Antarctic Territory, known formally as the Kingdom of Gaplan Antarctica, is a superior special administrative region of the Federated States of Gapla. It is Gapla's official Antarctic claim and was declared on September 2020 after Wyatt Baek claimed to have found terra nullius and other justifications for the claim of the territory.

Throughout the history of the territory, it has tried to find a suitable King, however, to this day remains with no de jure monarch, with the Crown Prince of Gapla administering the Gaplan Antarctic Territory.



The Gaplan Antarctic Territory was a result of Wyatt Baek wanting another external territory of the Federated States of Gapla after he studied Antarctic claims and found out that some countries did not add a southern limit to their territorial claims.

Formerly the Kingdom of Gaplan Antarctica, which is what it was called when it only claimed the unclaimed sea ice, the Gaplan Antarctic Territory now encompasses the pictured mainland as well as the old sea ice (when it has not melted). The sea ice is not regularly used on a map due to it melting during the summer.

Current status

The Gaplan Antarctic Territory is a superior special administrative region (SAR) of the Federated States of Gapla, de jure currently without a leader. It is usually governed by a King, with the Gaplan Crown Prince being the de facto monarch.

Claim information


The territory of the Gaplan Antarctic Territory, according to the official claim, extends from the 80th meridian west to the 90th meridian west with a limit at the 60th meridian south. This consists of the region in which other legitimate claims do not lie and only the claims that claim the entire sector of the globe are included.


The Federated States of Gapla recognizes that other countries have claimed the region of the Gaplan Antarctic Territory before Gapla.

However, Gapla does not recognize these claims because it considers it to be equivalent to the claims of claiming the entire world, as the parties to the claim claimed the entire sector of the globe without a limitation on Antarctica or the 60th degree south parallel, like other Antarctic claims. It also claims the unclaimed sea ice above the 60th degree south parallel but below the 45th degree south parallel.

Therefore, Gapla's official justification for the claim is terra nullius due to claims it considers invalid.