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"GUM DIS TRACK: THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better", also known as "GUM Diss Track" and originally titled "THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better" is a satiric diss track by New Eiffelic musical experimentalist Zed on contraGUMism, micronational warfare and "YAMOs". Released on 3 January 2020, it was Zed's first non-album single to not be released under his stage name, "DJ Zeddy", due to the song's nature. Zed sings as a young and unprofessional micronationalist, who disses the intermicronational organisation the Grand Unified Micronational as he is a member of the rival United Micronations—a diss by Zed on the various intermicronational organisations named in emulation of the macronational United Nations. The song's lyrics contain vicious insults towards the GUM, whom the singer threatens war with by using Nerf blasters, claiming he will fight GUM member states Austenasia and New Westphalia. Due to the song's nature, it was independently produced by Zed, and released without a record label, being uploaded onto YouTube, where it was accompanied by a music video.

Since its release, the song has attained moderate notability in the MicroWiki community, and as of March 2021, the music video has been viewed more than 200 times. It was received relatively positively by both GUM supporters and contraGUMists, as well as micronationalists who did not identify as either, and it would become regarded as Zed's signature song. The song later became one of the two national anthems of the Cupertino Alliance on 20 March 2020, "having higher precedence", which meant that it got to be played first. Following the song's controversy, however, it was repealed after the passing of the Anthem Act in early June 2020.

Origins and development


Music video

The release of the song onto YouTube was accompanied by a music video, which like the song, is one minute and four seconds long. The music video was directed by Zed, who alongside his brother jOOST Smith did its cinematography. The video shows Zed acting as the young micronationalist, and consists of him holding and counting play money, holding a Nerf blaster, and dabbing. To make the video seem unprofessional, Zed edited it with iMovie, added improperly spelled or timed lyrics, and did not cut out the background audio of a few shots; in one, you can hear Zed laughing, and in another him sniffing. The video ends with a poorly edited stock effect of a missile crashing onto an image of the GUM's logo on his phone. The video was shot on Zed's iPad 5 and at 30 frames per second to reduce its quality.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube after being downscaled to the low-definition resolution of 240p, and of January 2021, has been viewed more than 190 times.

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