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Should you wish to become a member state of the GUM, please list your micronation below, along with "Full" or "Observer" (should it not be specified, Full membership will be assumed unless the Quorum is otherwise made aware), your age (a minimum of 13 is required!) and your Discord contact details. Your application will be voted on in the next Quorum session; to aid in establishing contact, it is recommended that you join the GUM Discord Server at

To apply, your micronation must have ratified the GUM Charter, which can be read here, and the person(s) you plan to have as delegate(s) must have a Discord account in contact with the Chair. Filling the form ( will be considered an admission that you have ratified the Charter and have access to Discord. If you need any assistance or have any questions pertaining to membership in the Grand Unified Micronational, please contact the Chair at

Communal People's Republic of Wamong - Observer - 14 - HaroldDuighanAlt#0866

Aarland Republic - Observer - 18 - M4NT4#0001

- Republic Of Sototen - Observer - 16

Humanitarian Empire and Realm - Observer - 37 - H.E.R. Lord #0273

Union of Piedmont - Full - 21 - Comrade Blue#6378

State of Indradhanush - Observer - 14 - State of Indradhanush#8146

Republic of Tavil - Full member - 15 - Republic of Tavil#0961

Kingdom of Wallenia - Observer - 22- Blepe#8361

Republic of Northway - Observer - 14 - thetechtoot#5498 (has ratified before, yet that was the 2016 charter)