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==[[File:essexian_reich.png|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Essexia]]==
==[[File:essexian_reich.png|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Essexia]]==
*[[Emperor Terry of Essexia]] (''Terry I, Emperor of Essexia'')
*[[Emperor Terry of Essexia]] (''Terry I, Emperor of Essexia'')
*[[Lord Matthew]] (''Lord Matthew'')
*[[Lord Matthew]] (''The Right Honourable Lord Matthew'')
==[[File:Marland national flag.png|23px|border]] [[Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia]]==
==[[File:Marland national flag.png|23px|border]] [[Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia]]==

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The following is a list of the current delegates of micronations in the Grand Unified Micronational. Each full and provisional member state may appoint up to three delegates to attend Quorum, although only one may vote. Observer states appoint one, non-voting delegate.

Aarianian Union of North America

  • Aaron Green (President Green or Mr. Green)
  • Killian McGrath (Vice President McGrath or Mr. McGrath)
  • Carson Hutchens (Governor Hutchens or Mr. Hutchens)

Empire of Adammia

  • Adam I (Mr. Belcher) - abanimationltd

AmissopiaFlag.png Amissopian Federation

Kingdom of Atovia

Empire of Austenasia

  • Jonathan I (Your Imperial Majesty, the Austenasian Emperor, or Augustus)
  • Joseph Kennedy (Your Imperial Highness, Lord Admiral Kennedy, or Caesar)
  • Eryn Lewis (Your Grace or Lady Lewis)

Essexian reich.png Commonwealth of Essexia

Marland national flag.png Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia

  • David Ross (The Hon. Chancellor David Ross, Chancellor Ross, or Mr Ross) - david.pp.ross


  • William Wilson (Your Majesty, Mr. Wilson) - PrezzyBill
  • Andy Liner (Foreign Minister) - shrimpy

Gymnasium State

  • Tomáš Falešník (Mr. President, Mr. Falešník)

Flag of Iustus 2.png Empire of Iustus

  • Austin Jaax (His Royal Majesty)
  • Ethan Obsidian (The Right Honourable)


Current flag.png Kingdom of Jupiter

  • HM King Max I - maxofjupiter
  • Vice President Fogelsonger, deputy director of external affairs

Flag of Konraq.png Konraq Khanate

KMV2.png Empire of Mekniy



FLAGMNG.png Millania


  • Dionisiy I (Your Serene Highness, the Sovereign Prince of Montescano or Sovereign Prince Dionisiy I)
  • Krishtof von Drakon (Your Illustrious Highness or Lord von Drakon)

Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation

Flag of New Eiffel.svg Principality of New Eiffel

Azerty.png Popular Union of Occitania

Empire of Paravia


  • Cristi (Your Excellency, Mr. President, Sir) - Cristi - Plushunia#7235

Posafgov.png Principality of Posaf

Kingdom of Sabia and Verona

Sovereign San Doverian Order

  • Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith (Leader of the Sovereign Order, Leader of San Dover, or Ms. Suzuki) - @Suzuki (San Dover; Sunþrawegaz)#8024
  • Lily Giles (Ms. Giles) - @NOSÆCORE#7686

Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg

Kingdom of Überstadt

  • Adam I (Your Majesty or the King of Überstadt) - uberstadt

Flag of Uskor.png Commonwealth of Uskor

  • Charlotte of Uskor (Your Majesty, the High Queen of Uskor and Jarl of Denton) - annacharlottereid
  • Claire Nymoria (Her Serene Highness, The Jarl of New Munster ) - somakruz123

Kingdom of Wyvern

FLAGOFNEWRIZALIA.jpg Republic of New Rizalia

  • Seann Torres (President Torres, or Mr. Torres)

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

Flag of New Westphalia.svg Republic of New Westphalia

Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Ikonia

  • Cameron I (His Majesty King Cameron I) - cameron

Kingdom of Lytera

  • King Alexander I (His Holy Royal Highness King Alexander I - Your Highness acceptable as well. Mr. Banks is also allowed, though less desired.)

Knoll flag 1.png Tsardom of Nolland


  • Shiro, King of Zenrax (Your Excellency, Your Majesty) -- name only preferred in most situations. Discord handle: Shiro#3904
  • Ned Gunderson, OR, Chief Ambassador of Zenrax