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Type: Political Meeting
Headquarters: None
Official Languages: English
Membership: 20 members Nations
Establishment: January 7, 2011
Website: TBC
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Charter: {{{Charter}}}
Founder: Barnaby Hands
Secretary General: Aldrich Lucas

The G20 was a micronational organisation designed to replicate the macronational G20 and the United Nations, aiming to solve issues and help member nations if in need of assistance. Founded by Barnaby Hands on January 7, the member nations consisted of the top ranked twenty nations in the OAM Influence Survey, with previous members being relegated to associated members. The G20 was lead in collaboration between the Founder, Barnaby Hands, and the Secretary-General, the main MicroWiki representative of the top ranked nation. On April 15, Aldrich Lucas, as the Secretary-General, unilaterally dissolved the organisation due to inactivity.

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