Freedomian Armed Forces (F.A.F)

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The Freedomian Armed Forces 
Established April 10, 2009
Country Empire of Freedomia
Commander-in-chief Vacant
General information
Headquarters Freedomtropolis, Freedomia
Active personnel 6
Weapons Rifle, Class A Military Baton


The day the Empire was founded, military installations were made ready. At first, the fledgling nation used thick tree branches to fight and train, but soon a pump rifle was acquired. By July, 2011, the armed forces was doing quite well but personnel was limited. However the small army was growing and would continue to grow.


Following the 2011 Freedomian December Reforms, the Freedomian Military was reformed and became the Freedomian Armed Forces, or F.A.F. The new reforms re-established the position Commander-in-chief of Freedomia, which significantly reduced the size of the military.

Military engagements

Operation Caribou: Official annexation of many territories.

Freedomian-Legendstries Cold War: Freedomian soldiers were used for propaganda purposes and took over Legendstries while the President of Legendstries was ill.

Demonz Police Action: Freedomian soldiers were used for propaganda purposes and successfully occupied several strategic locations.