Freedomian-Legendstries War

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Freedomian-Legendstries War
Date9 March 2011 - 21 March 2011
Result Dissolution of Legendstries, Victory for Freedomia


Flagfreedomia.jpg Empire of Freedomia
Flag of Kirkland.jpg Kingdom of Kirkland


Noflag.png Legendstries
Commanders and leaders
Flagfreedomia.jpg Mark II
Flagfreedomia.jpg Dakoda George
Flag of Kirkland.jpg King Brayden I
Noflag.png Garrett J. Piofcyk

Flagfreedomia.jpg ?

Flag of Kirkland.jpg 4
Noflag.png ?

The War begins 

In mid-March 2011, President Garrett J. Piofcyk of the Republic of Legendstries began releasing information that Freedomia was a Nazi, fascist, state. The Prime Minister at the time, Mark II, grew very angry at this, and, after recieving approval from the Government, declared a Cold War on the country.

End of the war

Late that March, the President became very ill, so much that he, in fact, was unable to rule his country. As Legendstries grew more and more inactive, Williams declared victory for Freedomia on the 21st.