Free State of Lenia

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Free State of Lenia
Statul Liber Lenia

          State of Juclandia          


Largest cityAquilonia
Official language(s)Romanian
Governmentdirect republican democracy within a constitutional monarchy
- GovernorAurelia M.
- PremierSorin C.
LegislatureAssembly of Lenia
- Type - Direct democratic assembly
Area claimed13,400,000 cm2
Population28 (registered)
CurrencyRomanian leu alongside Juclandian Leu
Time zoneEET; EEST

Lenia (formerly known as Cipimania) is a state of Juclandia, bordered to the north, the east and the south by Romania and to the west by Grădinari. Lenia is the most extensive state of Juclandia, and second by population after Jucărești. The state capital and largest city is Aquilonia.

Lenia forms along with Grădinari a territory separated from the other provinces of Juclandia which was administered as the Region of Cipimania until the administrative reform of 2012. The Region was completely surrounded by Romania and had no direct link with the other region, the Region of Juclandia (which now comprises the states of Jucărești, Floral, Culinar, Nisipești and the territories of Paradissi, Păsăreni and Câinești).


Government and politics


Lenia (along with Nisipești) is characterised inside Juclandia as a state that gives political rights and recognizes the citizenship only of human beings, in contrast with the other states, which give political rights to plush animals as well.

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