Free City of Wright

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Free City of Wright
Ville libre de Wright
Libera Urbo de Rajtio

Flag of Wright.pngCoat of Arms of Wright.png

For the right, against the wrong
San Francisco, California
Capital cityWright
Largest cityWright
Official language(s)English, French, Esperanto
Short nameWright
GovernmentMilitary autocracy
- GovernorCol. James E Wilary
EstablishedNovember 11, 2013

The Free City of Wright (French: Ville libre de Wright; Esperanto: Libera Urbo de Rajtio) is an autocratic micronation based around San Francisco, California in the United States. Wright is defined as a "minimalist" micronation, with a simple government and culture, as a vehicle for members to engage in intermicronational affairs, and have a micronation to call their own.


Internal politics of the Rightese government are limited to the actions of the Governor for life in simply maintaining the existence of the state. Citizens of the free city are classified as either lieutenants, captains or majors, with the Governor holding the rank of colonel. The entire citizenry acts as Wright's defence and policing forces as citizens of the free city. No formal military exists.

International affairs

As the intent of the Free City of Wright was to create a micronation from which to engage in internmicronational affairs, international relations are the primary, and at times, the only focus of its government. The Rightese government has yet to formally establish relations with any other micronations.