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The Republic of Example is a micronation founded on 22/05/19.


Capital cityWestLand
Largest cityWestland
Official language(s)English, Russian
Official religion(s)Atheist
- Chief westReece West
- Dictator fraserReece Fraser
Area claimed7800 Acres
Population32 (as of 2019 census)
Time zone(UTC(Winter) w:BST(Summer))
National sportRugby
National animalLion


This micro nation it the biggest and the best nation in the world, ran by Reece Fraser

Law and order

The head of law and order is Reece West

Foreign relations

Member of The Micronation Union of England


the head of the military and the ministry of defence is Reece West


the frazlian army commandos is an army funded by lathinie

Geography and climate

most of our land has been given to us by the very loyal and brilliant west family especially head of defence Reece West


The frazllian economy is rich in: greenery

the economy is The strongest and the most expensive country in the The Micronation Union of England with an outstanding 10m+ as both leaders are millionaires


we have no mercy and the strongest military ever ran by the world best military and defence leader.

External links

scottvia noah scholic jack smith

a quote from reece fraiser

if you step on my territory you will get shot and if anyone declairs war on lathinie and scottvia i will destroy you

whoever was the person threatening better own up or else

Noah scollik will be head of population cortroll and head of training

Reece West is head of military,defence and money control