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The Fröhlichwaffe logo, based upon the RAF logo.
Basic Fröhlichwaffe logo, which is used on all Essexian military aircraft.

The Fröhlichwaffe is the air force division of the armed forces of the Commonwealth of Essexia. It is controlled by GAF/GF Lord Jack of Essexia. Jack is the General of the Armed Forces and General of the Fröhlichwaffe.


The Fröhlichwaffe was established on the 8th of July 2018, when Lord Jack was contracted by King Terry to construct an aerial vehicle for the protection of Essexia. The result was the R/C-01 'Pelican', which couldn't fly, and was a hand-built glider. The name roughly translates to "Cheerful Weapons", or "Cheerful Air".


The R/C-01 'Pelican' was a hand-crafted glider built by Lord Jack for King Terry, however it has never left testing due to its inability to glide or fly.


The R/C-02 'Raptor' is a radio defence vehicle ordered by Lord Jack for the fröhlichwaffe. It has the ability to vertically take off and land, and is carrier-capable.


The R/C-03 'Bear' is a radio defence vehicle ordered by Lord Jack for the fröhlichwaffe. It has the ability to fly at relatively fast speeds horizontally, and is carrier capable. On the 27th of August 2018, the REQ Jaywick super carrier was fitted with a ski ramp to allow the R/C-03 'Bear' to successfully take off from the carrier for the first time.

Carrier capability

As many planes in the fröhlichwaffe as possible are designed or fitted to be carrier capable, and able to launch and recover from the Jaywick-class light carriers operated by the Royal Essexian Navy.

Current aircraft

R/C Name Type Amount Carrier capable? Fate
01 Pelican Glider 1 No Scrapped
02 Raptor VTOL Attack 1 Yes In service
03 Bear Attack 1 Yes In service