Foxyland or the Brazilian Representation of Foxyland in Madoutland is a country currently under a military dominated totalitarian presidential regime. Its president is Santana.

Madoutland Foxyland Brazil Representation

Capital cityFoxyland and Guaruja
Largest cityImperatriz
Official language(s)Portuguese
Short nameFoxyland
- PresidentSantana
- Prime-minister(vacant)
Established24 September 2018
Brazilians 31%
Other nationality 69%
CurrencyReal or none


Foxyland was a fictional virtual micronation founded on September 24, 2018 by Thays Foxy in conjunction with the Foxy imperial family, but on November 1, 2018, there is the Revolution and the Military Coup that overthrows the system of absolutist monarchy and begins a totalitarian regime that ends at the beginning of 2019 but on May 31 it returns due to an Internal Crisis of the Police and a huge crisis and political dispute that invests Santana for president.