Foundation Day of Earth's Kingdom

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Foundation Day
Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png
Observed byEarth's Kingdom
TypeNational Holiday
SignificanceAnniversary of the Founding of Earth's Kingdom
CelebrationsThe King, the Ministers and all the citizens meet and celebrate this date.
Date18th April of every year

Foundation Day is a Holiday celebrated by the Earth's Kingdom on 18th April annually to remember its founding date.


The Earth's Kingdom was founded on 18th April 2020 by Antonio Di Martino, helped by a small group of friends to develop and organize it. Also on April 18, Antonio was named King of the Earth's Kingdom under the name of Antonio I.
Ideally, the Kingdom was founded in Campania, Italy, but then it was expanded for all the world with the purpose of grouping all the civilizations and cultures scattered around the Earth into a single large family: that of Humanity.


In this day the King, the Ministers and all the citizens meet and celebrate this date in memory of the first day, when the Founder, Antonio I, established the government and, following a vote, appointed the Head of Government.


On 18th April 2021 the Earth's Kingdom organized an online meeting where participated the King Antonio I, the Head of Government Gerardo Di Tore, the King's Adviser Gianmarco Buomprisco, the Minister of Territory Giovanni Kemal Alfano, the Minister of Economy Riccardo Buomprisco and the Minister of Justice Leonardo Cirillo.