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Motto: Unknown

SW Pennsylvania, USA
FoundedAugust 4th 2010 (as FMMD)
Area~28,000 square feet
KingsMichael I
David I

Fort Munhall Military District is a military installation. It was the Republic of Ultamiya's largest district and was the de facto base of operations for the Ultamian Army of the Republic for its entire existence. It was founded on August 4th, 2010, when it and Shimate became official districts. An American recreational park and playground, it was not only a symbol of Ultamian triumph, but also a major diplomatic victory. Fort Munhall is currently under joint control by the Kingdom of Michrenia and the Kingdom of Varina in the Fort Munhall Command.


On March 20th, 2010, a birthday party in the area which would become Shimate was the staging ground for two people to plan an invasion on Fort Munhall, which David Salapa and his cousin, Michael (the future Lieutenant General) called a structure in the Vine Street Playground. Future Major General Renee and Michael's friend were supposed to attack them at the fort, however none such invasion took place. Thus the fort was now in the hands of David and Michael.

When Ultamiya was founded on March 27th, 2010, the fort became de facto owned by the Ultamian government, since David had become the President. It remained securely in Ultamian hands for another week thereafter.

At about 11:30 AM on April 3rd, 2010, the first shots of the Battle of Fort Munhall were fired. Salapa defended Fort Munhall from attacking Stravasalter forces for over an hour before they retreated, giving the entire war to Ultamiya and changing the course of Ultamian history. It was in this engagement that Fort Munhall was finally secured for Ultamiya in the months to come.

FMMD became an official district of Ultamiya on August 4th, 2010, along with Shimate, and seemed to be forever in the hands of Ultamiya. However, by October and November, two nations would cast their sights on FMMD as a possible military base. Pimpville and Richland both wanted to conquer the district, and Pimpville even threatened to invade it multiple times, but it never did. Eventually, these two nations would work out peace with Ultamiya, and FMMD was once again tranquil.

Flags in FMMD were hung occasionally, but with no daily maintenance, the paper flags would either be struck down by rain or disappear without any reason. One was hung in early December; by Christmas, it disappeared. The latest attempt to show Ultamian claim to America was on March 27th, 2011, when a paper flag was hung in celebration of National Day. The flag was recovered a few days later after being destroyed by rain, and by the end of April the pole was also missing. By mid-May the duct tape was also gone.

A minor victory came on May 16th, 2011 as Salapa and a trio of younger siblings routed an insurgency at the Battle of the Field, starting the Hicks War. The week prior saw first examinations of the XRanger 2000, at the time the military's newest weapon, and this battle was its first test in combat. It proved to be very effective, routing the opposition after only about 45 minutes of fighting. FMMD came under attack again during the Second Battle of the Field on May 20th, but it was once again defended successfully.

The M555AF airsoft pistol was commissioned and tested at FMMD on July 16th, 2011, but otherwise the summer and autumn following was uneventful.

During much of 2012, Fort Munhall was abandoned, however starting in August, the Closer Together project drastically increased activity regarding the district.[1]

The dissolution of Ultamiya on March 27th, 2013 relinquished all micronational presence in Fort Munhall until later in the day, when the former president and newly-crowned King of Michrenia Michael I visited the fort. It was at this time that Michael declared Fort Munhall to be Michrenian. However, on April 5th, the Kingdom of Varina also laid a claim to Fort Munhall, declaring the area part of its core.[2] When the two claimant governments met for the first time, they agreed to share the fort under their military alliance, the Fort Munhall Command.[3]


File:FMMD Map.png
A rough drawing of the claimed territory of Fort Munhall. The colors are as follows: Red, Fort Munhall Proper; Purple, Open Field; Yellow, Far Corridor.

Fort Munhall Military District is estimated to be around 28,000 square feet, though it was mapped using Google Earth, and the fence marking the border was covered by trees. The measurements, thus, could be off by even a few thousand square feet.

The area can be divided into three distinct areas each with their own geography. The Open Field, which the two battles of the Hicks War were named after, is a giant, flat plate of asphalt surrounded by fencing. (This fencing divides the three sections.) Fort Munhall Proper is mostly grass and mulch (which surrounds the Fort itself) while having an asphalt walkway leading between one of two front entrances and the Open Field. Finally, the Far Corridor is a swing area of grass and an asphalt-covered basketball court parallel to the Open Field.

FMMD has a near constant elevation of 975/976 feet above sea level around the entire area.


  • During its tenure as an Ultamian district, Fort Munhall was visited by the President more times than Shimate. This could be because it is not owned by any particular person.
  • During autumn, the ground around Fort Munhall is covered in hundreds of acorns.
  • There are two front entrances to Fort Munhall. The two entrances, during Ultamiya's time, were named after the respective districts they lead toward. The one closer to Shimate, thus, was Entrance S. The other, which faces the Capital District, was Entrance U, for Ultima.

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