Foreign relations of Zealandia

The diplomatic foreign relations of Zealandia are implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Society of Zealandia, led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, currently Charlotte Lindström. Zealandian peruses a general policy of non aligned independent policy.
The Power of diplomatic recognition lies with the Council of State of Zealandia.

Sovereignty Disputes

Key Policy Points

  • Safeguarding national well-being and security, and the constancy and certainty of international relations and international norms.
  • Protection of Zealandians outside of Zealandia and in the context of foreign relations Zealandia’s economic and other interests.
  • Zealandia’s influence and good standing within the international community.
  • The promotion of democracy, human rights, the principles of the rule of law.
  • The promotion of the protection of the rights of Indigenous and LGBTQI people.

General Policy


  • The Development of Zealandia’s links with other micronations within the east coast of Australia with a focus on New South Wales and more specifically the greater Sydney region.
  • The promotion of Zealandia within the local region.
  • Cooperation with other nations within the region again in particular those on the Australian east coast.


  • Promotion of Zealandia to the European community of nations

Americas and Asia

  • The Promotion of Zealandia's interests in the Americas and Asia.


  • The promotion of Zealandia among Antarctic claimants.
  • The maintenance of good relations with Flandrensis.

Human Rights and LGBTQIA issues

Zealandia has a zero tolerance foreign policy concerning the denial of rights to LGBTQI persons and other gross human rights abuses, this has led to Zealandia suspending and cutting diplomatic ties with some micronations.

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