Foreign relations of Pasargada

This article contains information on numerous historical micronations all trace of which has otherwise been lost. It is therefore a valuable historical document, and must not be deleted until I have used the information present to construct articles on such. Austenasia (talk) 15:57, 26 August 2014 (BST)

Pasargadan diplomatic relations are traditionally classified into six possible statuses, accordingly to the ties' nature and importance between quoted micronation and Free Community of Pasargada.

Most Favoured: strong historical, diplomatical, populational and/or cultural relations, with mutual influence of micronationalisms, generally (but not necessarly) implying treaties, joint initiatives, exchange of embassies and intense contacts. Among "Most Favoured" status, there is the particular "First Ally" sub-class, reserved to current greatest ally of Pasargada.

Favoured: reasonable historical and/or diplomatical relations, generally (but not necessarly) with exchange of embassies and/or regular contacts.

Mutual Recognition: both micronations recognized officially each other, with normal relations.

Restricted Recognition: micronations only unilaterally recognized (one way or the other) or under process of analysis aimed to formal recognition.

Ceased Relations: recognized nations whose diplomatic ties with Pasargada were officially broken.

Casus belli: state of open belligerence, declared only by Parliament under constitutional prerrogative.


First Ally

Flag Short Name Full Name Website Ambass. Lang. Remarks
  Réunion Holy Empire of Réunion 25px D2 Juliana Benedetti      (s.1998)
Treaty of the Saint-Denis Pact (2001)

Most Favoured

Flag Short Name Full Name Website Amb. Lang. Remarks
  Morovia Kingdom of Morovia (blog)    (s.1999)
Apparently inactive
  TorHavn Kingdom of TorHavn 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.2000)
Treaty of Friendship 2002
  Eslo Republic of Eslo 25px DM Igor Ravasco   Treaty of Alliance 2001
  Molossia Republic of Molossia 25px DM Bruno Cava   Treaty of Recognition 2002


Flag Short Name Full Name Website Amb. Lang. Remarks
  Aerica Aerican Empire 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.1999)
Treaty of Regard & Friendship 2001
  Scotia Archduchy of Scotia    (s.2001)
  Cisalpina Cisalpine Republic cisalpina.webs    (s.2009)
Treaty of Cooperation and Recognition 2009
  Flanders Democratic Republic of
  Flandrensis Grand Duchy of Flandrensis flandrensisgov.webs     Treaty of Regard & Friendship 2009
  SPQR Res Publica SPQR respublicaspqr.altervista    (s.2008)
Treaty of Recognition 2009
  Tebeakesse Empire of Tebeakesse 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.2002)
  St.Charlie Federal Republic of St.Charlie 25px DM Bruno Cava      (s.2009)
Treaty of Regard & Friendship 2009
  FedCom Federated Commonwealth
of Malatora
Mutual Recognition 2009
  Patria Inner Realm of Patria 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.1998)
Treaty of Friendship 2001
  Babkha Kingdom of Babkha   Officially dormant
  Erusia Democratic People's Republic of Erusia wikia page     Mutual Recognition 2009
  Dreamland Kingdom of Dreamland    (s.2007)
Treaty of Friendship & Regard 2001
  Francisville Democratic Duchy of Francisville francisvillegov.webs     Mutual Recognition 2009
  Apiya Kingdom of Apiya 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.2009)
Developing own Apiyan Lang; Treaty of Recognition & Friendship 2009
  New Scientopia New Scientopia wikia page 25px DM Bruno Cava     Mutual Recognition 2009
  Zarahemla Kingdom of Zarahemla 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.2000)
Treaty of Alliance 2001
  Alteria Nation of Alteria    (s.2009)
  Jirmania Kingdom of Jirmania    (s.2009)
Mutual Recognition 2009
  Lavalon Republic of Lavalon 25px DM Bruno Cava   Mutual Recognition 2009
  Vitla Democratic Republic of Vitla repdemvitla.webs    (s.2009)
Treaty of Regard 2009
  Orange Republic of Orange    (s.1999)
Treaty of Efaté 2001
  Kelterspruf Cordial Kingdom
of Kelterspruf 25px DM Bruno Cava    (s.2000)
Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship 2009
  Prya Republic of Prya   Apparently inactive
  Strathclyde Republic of Strathclyde    (s.2007)
  Attera Solomonic Empire of Attera   Apparently inactive
  Gnostopia Virtual Independent
Micronation of Gnostopia
gnostopia.wordpress 25px DM Igor Ravasco   Treaty of Recognition 2009
  Hansastan Virtual Republic of Hansastan  

Mutual Recognition

Flag Short Name Full Name Website Amb. Lang. Remarks
  Athenia Athenian Republic   Treaty of Friendship 2002, Apparently inactive
  Interland Commonwealth of Interland   Treaty of Friendship 2001, Apparently inactive
  Norad Commonwealth of Norad   Apparently inactive
  Nova Terra Commonwealth of
Nova Terra  
  Corumburg Empire of Corumburg corumburg.tripod   Formerly Kingdom of Lectoria,
Apparently Inactive
  Kaputistan Communist Republic of Kaputistan  
  Altaria Communitarian State
of New Altaria
nuevaaltaria.jimdo 25px DM Igor Ravasco   Treaty of Recognition 2009
  Titania Confederation of Socialist
Republics of Titania 25px DM Igor Ravasco   Treaty of Recognition 2009
  South States Confederation of South States  
  Ydemos Democratic Republic of Ydemos  
  Leblandia Empire of Leblandia   Dormant; Treaty of Alliance 2002
  Nyatlántida Federal Republic of Nyatlántida   Apparently inactive
  Nautia Virtual Republic of Nautia  
  Mauresie Free Democratic
Empire of Mauresie  
  Mishaya Free Empire of Mishaya  
  Krassauerstein Free Republic of Krassauerstein  
  Laputa Free Republic of Laputa  
  Rocentia Free Republic of Rocentia  
  Farallonus Grand Duchy of Farallonus  
  Pathros Holy Kingdom of Pathros  
  Shireroth Imperial Republic of Shireroth   Apparently inactive
  Buenos Aires Kingdom of Buenos Aires (blog) 25pxDM Igor Ravasco   Mutual recognition 2009
  Finismund Kingdom of Finismund (blog) 25pxDM Igor Ravasco    (s.2009)
Mutual recognition 2009
  Hanover Kingdom of Hanover 25pxDM Bruno Cava  
  Triparia Kingdom of Triparia  
  Xliponia Kingdom of Xliponia   Apparently inactive
  Kryous Kryous kryousisland.tripod  
  Sperone Lordship of Sperone   Apparently inactive
  Maya Maya Republic   Apparently inactive
  Pacary Micronation of Pacary   Apparently inactive
  Wolfenstein People's Republic of Wolfenstein  
  New Arcadia Principality of Nova Arcadia  
  Ambrosia Principality of Ambrosia  
  Scanténoisie-Helvétia Confederation of
Scanténoisie-Helvétia   Treaty of Friendship 2001
  Sofia Principality of Sofia  
  Italy Kingdom of Italy  
  Purple Bunny Purple Bunny Federation   Apparently inactive
  Greenia Realm of Greenia   Apparently inactive
  Amerada Republic of Amerada   Apparently inactive; Treaty of Friendship 2001
  Araeluma Republic of Araeluma   Apparently inactive
  Bananas Republic and World
of Bananas  
  Istvanistan Republic of Istvanistan  
  Sarmacka Republic of Sarmacka  
  Argentina Social Republic of Argentina  
  New Europe Empire of New Europe     Mutual Recognition 2009
  Virtual Kingdom Virtual Kingdom Government   Mutual Recognition 2009
  Krassland Semi-Republic of Krassland  
  Cruciform Sovereign Order of
the Cruciform Sword   Apparently inactive; Treaty of Friendship 2001
  Hezpenya Sovereign State of Hezpenya   Treaty of Friendship 2004
  Freelonia Sultanate of Freelonia   Apparently inactive
  Portugal & Algarves United Kingdom of
Portugal and the Algarves
  Europolis United States of Europolis  
  Cyberia Virtual Commonwealth
of Cyberia  
  GV Virtual Government (orkut)   Orkut Nation; Mutual Recognition 2009
  Wolny Wolny Klub
Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Unkown translation
  Mondesia United Nations
of South Mondesia
  Apparently inactive
  Virginia Republic of Virginia   Apparently inactive
  Mondesia Islamic Republic of Antverpia   Apparently inactive
  Lykosha Wolf-Nation of Lykosha  

Restricted Recognition

Flag Short Name Full Name Website Ambass. Lang. Remarks
  Porto Claro Republic of West Porto Claro 25px D2 Juliana Benedetti    (s.1996)
De facto recognition in effect
Under appreciation for full recognition
  Azores United Kingdom of Azores    (s.2000)Observer Status
Relinquished sovereignty to Réunion in July 2009

Ceased Relations

Flag Short Name Full Name Website Ambass. Lang. Remarks
  Porto Claro Republic of Porto Claro   Ceased relations unilaterally with Pasargada in June 2009

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