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The foreign relations of nations with the Empire of Pacem are highly sparse. There is only one nation that has relations with Pacem, however they aren't official. However, Pacem's foreign policy is a little strict, and not many nations recognize that Pacem is around much.

Currently, foreign relations are controlled by the Emperor. However, with a full working government, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs shall form the relations and write the treaties, while the Emperor shall sign the treaties and verify the Secretary's decisions.

Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of Pacem is formulated by the Emperor. These are guidelines for deciding which nations are eligible for foreign relations. These are currently a work in progress, and will constantly be updated.

  • The nation must have passed 7 months of sovereignty.
  • The nation must have reasoning behind a wish for relations from either party.
  • Pacem shall not recognize any nation claiming a planet, moon, star, or extra-solar system, or that claims 1% or more of the Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, or Oort Cloud. Exceptions include man-made objects built in space.
  • Pacem shall not recognize any rebel groups of allied nations, nor terrorist groups claiming to be nations that attack Pacem.
  • Pacem shall not recognize a nation claiming an entire macronation or division of a macronation, say all of the United States of America, or all of Texas. An exception to this rule is nations such as Canada which have acts that allow seccessionism, such as the Clarity Act.

Micronational Organizations

Pacem has been apart of several different organizations, and a founding member of quite a few.

Current Memberships

Former Memberships

Macronational Relations

Macronations Recognized

Micronational Relations

Micronations with Mutual Recognition

Micronations Pacem Unilaterally Recognizes