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*{{Flaglist|Aarbaro|name=Federal Empire of Aarbaro}}
*{{Flaglist|Aarbaro|name=Federal Empire of Aarbaro}}
*{{Flaglist|Sealand|name=Principality of Sealand}}
*{{Flaglist|Sealand|name=Principality of Sealand}}
*{{Flaglist|Molossia|name=Republic of Molossia}}

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The foreign relations of the Kingdom of Pacem are controlled by the Royal Foreign Department under the administration of King Kaos. Foreign relations are handled between Pacem between the other nation's respective ambassador and the Pacemian Monarch.

Foreign relationships are not commonly made, however, micronational organizations are commonly joined. Pacem takes part in the Konmalehth, the Union Against Micronational War, and is taking part in the planning of a successor to the Kermadec Union.


Recognized nations

The Royal Foreign Department of Pacem established recognition to other nations in the forms of mutual recognition, in which the two parties ensure limited diplomacy and recognize their establishment over their own territory, and full recognition, which includes working relations and recognizing the parties' territory as their own.

Nations of which have mutual recognition with Pacem

Nations unilaterally recognized