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|Maple Autonomous Region
|[[Maple Autonomous Region]]
|[[File:Flag of the Maple Autonomous Region.jpg|60px]]

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As the most legitimate successor to Phokland and having a history of its own for several years, the Commonwealth of Naveria maintains relations of many kinds with several foreign entities. Naveria recognizes three hundred and forty-five sovereign entities and refuses recognition of more than eighteen claimed sovereign entities.

Unilateral Recognition

Naveria currently grants unilateral recognition to three hundred and four sovereign entities.

Name Flag Notes
Members and observers of the United Nations Flag of the United Nations.png Meiguo is recognized as as part of the People's Republic of China
Members of the Antarctic Micronational Union GAMA vlag.jpg Westarctica is recognized as the legitimate claimant to Marie Byrd Land
Members of the Holy Roman Empire HREflag.png Excludes recognition of Nedland
Pavlovian Socii States Flag of Pavlov SVG.svg
Republic of China Flag of Taiwan.png ROC and PRC recognized as equally valid claimants to the title of China
Republic of Kosovo Flag of Kosovo.png
Cook Islands Flag of the Cook Islands.png
Niue Flag of Niue.png
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.png
Republic of South Ossetia Flag of South Ossetia.svg
Republic of Abkhazia Flag of Abkhazia.png
Republic of Artsakh Flag of Artsakh.png
Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Flag of Transnistria.png
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Flag of Northern Cyprus.png
Republic of Somaliland Flag of Somaliland.png
Free Republic of Liberland Flag of Liberland.svg
Republic of South Maluku Flag of South Moluccas.svg
Republic of West Papua Flag of West Papua.svg.png
Catalan Republic Estelada blava.png
Federal State of New Russia Flag of Novorussiya.svg
German Democratic Republic Flag of East Germany.png Ernst Thälmann Island
Manchukuo Temporary Government Flag of Manchukuo.png Recognized as a sovereign entrestat
Free State of Danzig Flag of Danzig.png Recognized as a sovereign entrestat
Kingdom of Barotseland Flag of Barotseland.svg Recognized as a sovereign nation
Sovereign Military Order of Malta OM.png Recognized as a sovereign subject of international law
Principality of Sealand Flag of Sealand.svg
Space Kingdom of Asgardia Flag of Asgardia.png
Kingdom of North Sudan Flag of North Sudan.svg Recognized as the legitimate claimant to Bir Tawil
Kingdom of Torgu Flag of the Kingdom of Torgu.png
Principality of Seborga Flag of Seborga.png
Duchy of the Two Melillas Flag of the Two Melillas.png Recognized as the legitimate claimant to the neutral territories between Spain and Morocco
Commonwealth of New Virginia Flag of New Virginia.png
Jusin Republic 3rd Jusin Flag.svg
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg
Principality of Caudonia Flag of Caudonia.png
Empire of Adammia Flag of Adammia.svg
Conch Republic Flag of the Conch Republic.svg
Royal Republic of Ladonia Flag ladonia.png
Empire of Iustus Flag of Iustus 2.png
Kingdom of Lytera Lytera flag.png
Commonwealth of Dracul Commonweath of dracul2.png
Uber-Essian Union Uberesse.png
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate FLAG RESIZED.jpg
Principality of St. George Post-flag.svg
Republic of Ashukovo Kingdom of Ashukovo flag.png
Orly Orlyflag.png
Principality of Wildflower Meadows Flag of Wildflower Meadows.jpg
Kingdom of Überstadt Uberflag.jpg
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Vlag.jpg
Republic of West Who Flag of West Who.svg
Kingdom of Callaway Callaway Flag.png
Grand Republic of Delvera Flagofdelvera.jpg
Principality of Posaf Flag of Posaf.svg
Union of Nova-Occitania FlagUNOc.png
Imperial State of Smyrna FlagSmyrna.png
Republic of NZRE FlagNZRE.jpeg
State of Sandus Flag of Sandus.svg
State of Malinovia Fixed Malinovian Flag.png
Basileia of the Romans Rhomania Flag.png
State of Pacem Pacemflag.svg
Empire of Imvrassia ImvrassiaFlag.jpg
Wong Ming Empire Wmflag.png
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag of Vlasynia.png
Republic of East Florida East Florida Flag (Unofficial).png
Commonwealth of Essexia Flag of the Commonwealth of Essexia.svg
Empire of Sayville NewEOS.png
Kingdom of Pinelandia Flag of Pinelandia (SVG version) • Drapeau de Pinelandia (Version SVG).svg
Kingdom of Atovia Atovia Flag.svg
County of Moriskval Moriskval.png Recognized as a post-Phoklandian state
Abeldane Empire Abeldane Flag.svg
Kingdom of Wynnland Flag of Wynnland.png
Freetown Derry Flag of Freetown Derry.png
Free City of Leamouth Flag of the Free City of Leamouth.png
Fifth Aenderian Republic AendereseFlag.png
Republic of Nordale FlagofNordaleDesign6.1.png
Technocratic Republic of Theodia Th Flag National 8.png
Pomerak'tèr Flag of Pomerak'tèr.png
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Andersonian Flag.png
Serene Beaconite Republic SBRflag.svg
Triumvirate of Sonderan Sonderian Flag.jpeg
Solidary Bailiwick of Hak'hanna Flag of Hak'hanna (2020).png
Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories Current flag.png
Grand Duchy of Liangsi Leonsle2.png
Union of Mercia and Lurk Flag of Mercia.svg
Union of Millania and New Granada FLAGMNG.png
Tsardom of Nolland Knoll flag 1.png
Rednecks Republic Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg
Commonwealth of Efransa Efransa Commonwealth Flag.jpeg
Commonwealth of Havnesgade-Amager Flag of Amager.png
The Golden Road Banner.jpg
Kingdom of Natal Natalflag.png
Maple Autonomous Region Flag of the Maple Autonomous Region.jpg
Empire of Atlantium Flag of Atlantium.png Recognized as a sovereign entrestat
Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia Obsidia flag.jpg Recognized as a sovereign entrestat
Sovereign Order of Krunmark Krunmark.png Recognized as a sovereign entrestat and post-Phoklandian state
Dominion of British West Florida Flag of British West Florida.png Recognized as a sovereign nation
Nutopia Flag white.svg Recognized as a sovereign nation
State of Samizdat Flagsamisdat.jpg Recognized as a sovereign nation
Community of Landashir Antarctico londaise.png Recognized as a sovereign nation
Kingdom of Ruritania Ruritania.png Recognized as a sovereign geofictional entity
Duchy of Refliasia Navembourg.png Recognized as a sovereign geofictional entity and post-Phoklandian state
United Principality of Graustark and Dawsbergen Kingdom of graustark flag.png Recognized as a sovereign geofictional entity and post-Phoklandian state
Fourth Republic of Lisseum Flag of the Republic of Lisseum (2020).png Recognized as a sovereign geofictional entity and post-Phoklandian state

Tacit Recognition

Naveria currently maintains tacit recognition from six sovereign entities.

Name Flag Date Notes
Republic of Molossia Flag of Molossia.svg 9 September 2019
Empire of Austenasia Flag of Austenasia.png 19 April 2020 Bregusland recognized as a post-Phoklandian state
Kapresh Democratic People's Republic Flag of the Kapresh Democratic People's Republic.svg 28 July 2020
Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross Mocciiflag.jpg 14 August 2020
Kingdom of Ebenthal KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png 30 September 2020

Bilateral Recognition

Naveria maintains mutual recognition with thirty sovereign entities, most often through the signing of a treaty of mutual recognition.

Name Flag Date Notes
Empire of Lehmark Flag of Lehmark.png 14 November 2019
Principality of Ledilia Updated TRA PDL Flag.png 24 November 2019
Free Nation of New Athens Flag v2.png 1 December 2019 Recognition achieved through mutual ARU membership
Republic of Aswington Flag of Aswington.png 28 December 2019
Free State of Sabini Sabini national flag.jpg 28 April 2020
Saspearian SaspearianFlag.jpg 28 April 2020
Lusna Republic Pleiades (1020).png 29 April 2020 Recognized as a post-Phoklandian state. Signed as the Second Coastal Empire.
Republic of Scoria Flag scoria.png 30 April 2020
Free Socialist State of Paloma Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg 30 April 2020 see Naveria-Paloma relations
Union of Jutar Jutar (11☆).svg 7 May 2020 Recognition achieved through mutual ARU membership
Kingdom of North Barchant Flag of North Barchant.jpg 2 June 2020 Recognized as a sovereign nation
Kingdom of Roanoke RoanokeFlag.png 3 June 2020
Grand Principality of Begon The Flag of The Begonian KaiserreichSVG.svg 17 July 2020 Signed as Begonian Kaissereich
Kingdom of Ikonia Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg 23 August 2020
Unified Royal States of Australis NationalAustralisFlag.png 26 August 2020
Republic of Yu-Xia Yu-Xia Republic New Flag.png 26 August 2020
Confederate States of America CSA.svg 27 August 2020
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Flag of Hrafnarfjallv3.png 7 September 2020 Margraviate of Phokland recognized as a post-Phoklandian state
People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills PRPH flag.svg 11 September 2020 Recognized as a post-Phoklandian state
Misberian Confederacy Misberia Flag.png 11 September 2020
Kingdom of West Sayville WestSay.png 11 September 2020
Merit State of Regelis Regelis flag 16h.png 27 September 2020
Desert District Flag of Desert District .png 28 September 2020
Kingdom of Queensland Queensland New Nation Flag.png 29 September 2020
Republic of Wendatia Flag of Wendatia.png 2 October 2020
Karno-Ruthenian Empire Flag of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.svg 14 October 2020 Naverian Antarctic claims not recognized by Karno-Ruthenia
Empire of Aenopia Empire of Aenopia flag.png 14 October 2020 Recognized as a post-Phoklandian state
United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png 15 October 2020 Monmarkian Antarctic claims not recognized by Naveria
Plushunia PlushuniaFlag2.png 4 November 2020
Kingdom of Dominel Flag of Dominel.png 17 November 2020
Kingdom of Sayville Kingdomsayville.png 22 November 2020 Unformalized mutual recognition since 6 September 2020

Former Recognition

Naveria has entirely ceased diplomatic operations and stances involving thirteen entities.

Name Flag Type Reason
Aarianian Union of North America Aarianian Flag; Muscadine Banner 2.png Unilateral Dissolved.
State of Unicornia Unicornia.png Bilateral Merged into Naveria as New Santiago.
Kingdom of Phokland Ruthenia-knock-off.png Bilateral Merged into the Phoklandian Free State, and later dissolved.
Empire of Kyberia Great Kyberia.png Unilateral Became inactive, and presumably dissolved.
Principality of Hutt River Hutt River Flag.svg Unilateral Dissolved.
Free City of Seapolis Flag of the Free City of Seapolis.png Unilateral Became unstable, and later dissolved.
Free Republic of Florania FloraniaFlag.png Unilateral Put under reconsideration due to controversy.
State of Kebec Flag of Kebec.png Refused Dissolved.
Empire of Rosemia Rosemia.png Bilateral Became highly inactive; currently undergoing unification.
People's Republic of Orientia PRO Flag.png Bilateral Dissolved.
Ela'r'oech Flag of Ela'r'oech.png Bilateral Put under reconsideration due to controversy.
Principality of New Eiffel Flag of New Eiffel.svg Unilateral Dissolved.
Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Bilateral Became unstable, and later dissolved.
Principality of Gumland Logopit 1586889691314.jpg Unilateral Dissolved.
State of Vishwamitra Vishwamitra-National Flag.png Bilateral Ceased diplomacy for reasons which are confidential.

Refused Recognition

Naveria does not recognize nineteen claimed sovereign entities, excluding Kapresh puppet states and most plush nations.

Name Flag Notes
Republic of Shrikailasa Kailaasa.jpeg Due to suspicious or illegal actions by its leader.
Kingdom of Catan Catan2.jpg Due to general unprofessionalism and criminal activity.
Empire of Kapreburg Flag of Kapreburg (2019-2020).svg Due to violation of intermicronational law and unprofessional action. Includes refusal of recognition to the Republic of Baustralia and the National Socialist State of Paloma.
Second Vermont Republic 2VR.svg Due to promotion of conspiracy theories and misinformation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Underground Alliance Flag of Rmhoania.svg Due to violation of intermicronational law and unprofessional action during the Baustralian Civil War.
Holy Empire of Skywalkistan Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan.png Due to an unreasonably large and uncontrolled claim of land.
New Confederacy CSA.svg Due to inherent racism and toxicity.
Northwest American Republic Northwest Territorial Imperative flag.svg Due to neo-Nazism.
State of Israel Flag of Israel.svg Due to unfair occupation of Palestine and verboten status under Neturei Karta doctrine.
Communist Republic of Capeland Capeland.png Due to raiding of an allied state's chat server.
Republic of Brienia Flag of Brienia.svg Due to exaggerated statehood and falsely claiming continuity with a recognized state.
Ohio Republic Http---i0.kym-cdn.com-photos-images-original-001-267-464-e49.png Due to an unreasonably large and uncontrolled claim of land. Formerly bilateral.
Great States of O'Duighan O'Duighan.png Due to extreme instability and a war declared on cats. Formerly bilateral.
Nexan Republic Nexan Sigil.png Due to an unreasonably large and uncontrolled claim of land.
Empire of Kaemira Kaemiran Flag.jpeg Due to overlapping claims with a recognized state.
Kingdom of Lukland Flaga Krorestwa Luklandu.png Due to overlapping claims with a recognized state.
Kingdom of Thailand Flag of Thailand.png Due to highly restrictive lèse majesté policy.
Free Anti-Communist State of Baaria Flag of Baaria.png Due to promotion of conspiracy theories and misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Federal Republic of Bloxburg FRBFlag.jpg Due to existing entirely within Roblox.
Plush nations, at large Flag of Federal Juclandia.png Due to some exaggerations in citizenship and activity. Exceptions allowed under some circumstances.

Organization Membership

Naveria is a member state of six international organizations.

Name Logo Status Date Notes
Atlanta Regional Union AGA.svg Full Membership 1 December 2019 Founding member
Union Against Micronational War Union Against Micronational War logo.png N/A 1 December 2019
Organisation of North American States Flag of the Organisation of North American States.svg Full Membership 13 September 2020
Constantia Pact N/A N/A October 2020 Founding member
Vespucci Zone N/A Full Membership 28 October 2020
Grand Unified Micronational Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Provisional Membership 4 November 2020

Former Organizations

Naveria has left one international organization.

Name Logo Reason
League of Professional Nations Wordmark of the League of Professional Nations.svg Became inactive and later dissolved.