Foreign relations of Kuhugstan

Republic of Kuhugstan.png

The following is a list of diplomatic stances with or against certain micronations made by the Republic of Kuhugstan. In its early days, Kuhugstan was interested in gaining diplomatic/strategic positions, just in case Kuhugstan was involved in a war. But during the early months of 2012, Kuhugstan was nearing inactivity. On April 2012, interest in diplomatic relations began to rise again.

Allies (17)

  •   First Principality of Iania
  • Unified Federated Republic of Sanctuaria

Friends (7)

  •   Fort Perch Rock
  •   Imperium of Skyland
  •   Holy Dallmark Empire

Organizations (2)

Enemies (1)

  •   Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation (On the account of terrorism)