Foreign relations of Baránok

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This is the article about foreign relations of the Federal Republic of Baránok.

Recognized micronations

Unilateral recognition

Bilateral recognition

Flag.Pinang 1.png Commonwealth of Pinang, since April 28, 2020

Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State, since June 6, 2020

Recognized nations

  • All U.N. logo.png UN states except: DPRK.png North Korea (dictatorship, human rights abuses), Chinaflag.png PR China (dictatorship, supression of minority rights)


Country Location Opened Ambassador Type Notes
Flag of Croatia.png Republic of Croatia Pelješac 21 April 2020 A.H. (since 21st April 2020) Virtual
Flag of France.png French Republic Paris 21 April 2020 T.L. (since 21 April 2020) Virtual