Foreign Relations of Slitronia

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Recognized Nations

Unilateral Recognition

The Great Kingdom of Slitronia recognizes these countries, but is not recognized by them.

Nation Macronation Since
Flag of the United Nations.png All members of the United Nations 11th April, 2020
Palestine Israel 11th April, 2020
Abkhazia Georgia 11th April, 2020
Artsakh Georgia 11th April, 2020
Kosovo Serbia 11th April, 2020
Western Sahara Morocco 11th April, 2020
Taiwan China 11th April, 2020

Bilateral Recognition

The Great Kingdom of Slitronia recognizes and is recognized by these nations.

Nation Macronation Since
The Second flag of the Flemish Ardennes.png Kingdom of the Flemish Ardennes Belgium 15th March, 2021

Micronational Organizations

The Great Kingdom of Slitronia is a part of these organizations.

Organization Since Member Status
UNM Flag.png Nordic Confederation 30th March, 2021 Full member