Foreign Ministry of Essexia

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Foreign Ministry
Foreign Seal.png

since 1st June 2020
Foreign Ministry of Essexia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Essexia is a government department in the Commonwealth of Essexia, and a key department of the Cabinet of Essexia. It is responsible for handling foreign affairs, managing diplomatic relations and representing the nation as a whole outside of the Commonwealth. The department is headed by the Foreign Minister, a position which has been vacant since the departure of Lord Jack on the 1st June 2020.

List of Junior Departments

Under the Ministerial Reform Act, a small number of new departments under the Foreign Ministry were established in order to help the Foreign Ministry cope with increased workload and scope. These Junior Ministries are:

  • Department of Development
  • Department of Communications

The Department of Development handles affairs regarding the development of other micronations, or of Essexia by other micronations. An example would be an infrastructure project within Essexia aided in part by another micronation; The department would handle this project.

The Department of Communications is responsible for communication between Essexia and other micronations, generally outside of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Notable Laws established

List of Foreign Ministers

Foreign Ministers
Portrait Term in Office Minister Party Government Notes
Essexia Jack.png 27th December 2017
12th July 2019
562 days
Lord Jack National Conservative Party of Essexia

Essexian Union of Fascists

Monarchist Party of EssexiaCommonwealth Party of Essexia

  • Hawarden Ministry
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth I
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth II
  • Jamie Ministry
  • First Foreign Minister.
  • Longest single tenure as Foreign Minister, and in any cabinet position.
Essexia Matthew.png 12th July 2019
23rd March 2020
255 days
Lord Matthew Royalist Party of Essexia

Old Guard Party


Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia

  • Jamie Ministry
  • Jacob Ministry
  • Rhino Ministry
  • Transferral Government
  • Interim Giraffe Government
  • Rhino Ministry II
  • First LibSoc Foreign Minister
  • Foreign Minister under most separate Governments
150px 26th March 2020
11th May 2020

46 days

Earl Finn Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia
  • Giraffe Ministry
  • Only First Minister to have become Foreign Minister after their First Minister tenure.
  • Shortest tenure as Foreign Minister.
Essexia Jack.png 11th May 2020
1st June 2020

21 days

Lord Jack Old Guard Party/Giraffe Concordat
  • Giraffe Ministry
  • Rhino Ministry III
  • First Foreign Minister to have multiple non-consecutive terms.