Followers of Harland


The Followers of Harland is a religious order founded by James Gromis, and is the official religion of Pasavantia. The followers of Harland believe Harland Sanders to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and his fired chicken recipe to be one of the items originally held in the Ark of the Covenant, meant to bring harmony and peace to humanity. Through a series of dinners at a local KFC, Gromis and Mouton were visited in vision by the spirit of Sanders, commanding them to spread the beauty of his chicken, and to write the Sanders Bible.


Meditation and Prayer are embodied in the Sanderian Faith through the visitation of a holy site. This applies to any KFC Restaurant, allthough the most holy site for a Sanderian is the original Harland Cafe. Through the consumption of his gift to Humanity, Sanderians show their utmost devotion to their messiah.

Followers of Harland
Geographical areas:

Berlin, Germany

Origin: October 20187-August 2018, Pasavantia
Religious Head Harland Sanders
Apostels of the Sanderian Gospel James Gromis, Octave Mouton
Members: 3