Flavio Beninati

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Flavio Beninati
Beninati in 2014
6th Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff
Assumed office
May 23, 2014
President Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Christian Guariberti
3rd Director for State Security
Assumed office
20 January, 2013
Prime Minister Alex Specter
Predecessor Riley Small
8th Minister of Federal Affairs
In office
January 8, 2014 - May 22, 2014
Prime Minister Alex Specter
Predecessor Alex Specter
Successor Sante Carbone
2nd Governor of Atlantis
In office
10 January, 2013 - 6 January, 2014
Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood
Predecessor Alex Specter
Successor Sante Carbone
Member of the Atlantis Assembly
In office
August 1, 2012 - January 6, 2014
Governor Alexander Eastwood
Personal information
Born 9 November 1995 (1995-11-09) (age 26)
Naples, Italy
Citizenship St.Charlian
Nationality Italian
Political party New Socialist Party
Spouse(s) Laura Correale
Residence Venice, Italy
Alma mater Graystone University
Military service
Allegiance Atlantis.flag.png Atlantis Armed Forces
Service/branch Atlantis Navy
In service 2011
Rank Rear Admiral
Commands 2nd Navy Division
Atlantis Marines Commando
Awards Granduffieordmerito.png Order of Merit of the Republic of Atlantis
APcavgrancroce.png Adolfo Pansini Military Order
ONB1.png Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal
CRIVol25N.png Navy Good Conduct Medal
AMTR.png Army Military Training Ribbon
NMTR.png Marines Military Training Ribbon
PTR.png Police Training Ribbon

Flavio Beninati (born at Naples the 9 Novembre 1995), is a St.Charlian military officer, socialist politician and statesman.

Currently he is serving as Director for State Security from the 2013 and as Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff from the 2014. He previously served as Minister of Federal Affairs and Governor of Atlantis.

He was born in Naples, Italy but he actually live in Venice, Italy. He started his micronational career in early 2011 in the Republic of Atlantis where he held many important positions in the military, secret services and ministry of defence. During December 2012 he became the socialist candidate in the Atlantis gubernatorial election, 2013.

Micronational career

Militar career

Beninati in Venetia

Beninati joined the Atlantis Army in late 2010, when he still lived in Poseidon. He was part of the Alpha Company in the capital city, started with the rank of Caporal, he quickly became 1st Lieutenant and Officer in Chief of the Alpha Company. Also when he served as Director of the SIS, he didn't stop his military service, neither while he was Minister of Defence.

Actually he live in Venetia, and serve in the Echo Regiment. He was promoted Major in late 2011, and when he moved to Venetia he created the Regiment. At the moment since he is serving as President of Atlantis the leadership of the Regiment passed to Mj. Trinciarelli. Anyway, he continue to participate at the training of the Echo Regiment.

Director of the SIS and Minister of Defence

Since his military career in 2011, he was nominated Director of the SIS by the Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood and remained in charge until the 30 May of the same year when he was "promoted" Minister of Defence of the Eastwood Government II. Beninati since his right-wing political position and his experience was confirmed as Minister during the De Lellis Government. Beninati left the charge after his election to President of the Republic of Atlantis.

Leader of the Conservatives and Presidency

Beninati during the electoral campaing

The 10 September 2011 Beninati founded the Atlantis Conservative Party third right-wing party of Atlantis, that after a merging with the National Party of Donato De Lellis became the biggest right-wing party of the Republic of Atlantis until now. Beninati in late 2011 candidate himself as President of the Republic of Atlantis, and after his win of the elections he left all the political charges.

During his presidency, started the 1 January 2012 he had three Prime Ministers: Donato De Lellis, Sante Carbone and Alexander Eastwood. Beninati during his presidency saw only one election, because with a joint decision with the Atlantis Government he decided, the 31 March to change Prime Minister. Beninati also gave the green light for the 4th Referendum of the Republic on the chage of system of government.


To who performed exemplary deeds or services for his country and for micronational community

Preceded by: President of Atlantis Succeded by: Atlantissealcopy.png
Gabriele Pellecchia 1 January 2012 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Chief of Staff Succeded by: [[File:|30x30px]]
Sante Carbone 30 May 2011 - present incumbent