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Republic of Flamvoria (eng)
Res Publica Flamvoriæ (lat)
República de Flamvoria (spa)


Audentis fortuna iuvat
(Latin: Fortune favours the brave)
Serralia2019 FlamvoriaCapital.png
Mazarrón, Spain
Capital citySerralia
Largest citySerralia
Official language(s)Spanish and Lingua Latīna
Official religion(s)Numenism, Hellenism, Romanism and Orthodox Christianity
Short nameFlamvoria
GovernmentUnitarian, Republic
- Consul of the Dominion-
- Consul of the Senate-
CurrencyEuro (€) de facto
Time zone(UTC +01:00)
National sportFootball
National animalRabbit
Patron saintJohn the Apostle


The Republic of Flamvoria, more commonly known as Flamvoria, is a society established through a specific ritual in the summer solstice of 2019, founded on the town of Mazarrón, Spain.

Flamvoria sees itself as one more successor of the tradition of Ancient Greece and Rome. For this reason, the structural base of the country is universalist, and devotes special attention to the rescue, dissemination and sustainability of the arts and customs of the ancestors.


The name "Flamvoria" is a composition of Flammeus (name of the colour of the flames in Lingua Latīna) and vorus (feeding), from the latin verb vorare.


In the night of the summer solstice of 2019, a specific ritual was held to found Flamvoria.

The first Constitution of Flamvoria was drafted and approved on 26 June 2019.

President Aulus Sallustius Albus negotiated and agreed with the Republic of Wikonga the incorporation of Flamvoria as a dependent territory. This event had a very strong impact on Flamvoria, since the agreement was not consulted either with the Senate or in a referendum, which led to the dismissal of Albus and the opening of a new constituent process that culminated on June 30, 2019.

Faced with the threat of the independence of Flamvoria, the authorities issued a Declaration of Sovereignty on 5 July 2019 which resolved any sign of incorporation of Flamvoria to a micronation or any other entity and declared its full independence.

New senatorial elections were called for 15 July, 2019, in which the group of candidates supporting the electoral program presented by Vibius Vedius Verres, who was appointed new President of Flamvoria, obtained an absolute majority.

Politics and government

Flamvoria is structured as a unitary republic through a unicameral system, with a Senate as legislative chamber.

Culture and media

The culture of Flamvoria has a fundamental influence of Ancient Greece and Rome, it is based above all on the rescue of the traditions and customs of the Antiquity to adapt them to the daily life of the present.

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