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Flag of Verd'land
Flamur dẽ Vẽrdɩlandiɩa

Flag of Verd'land.svg


Aspect ratio



Garsilig Hãkiut

There are plenty of flags used in Verd'land as official or unofficial ones.


Flag of Verd'land.svg

The "Cross flag" had appeared spontaneously. It was firstly and very quickly created as new flag for Verd'landians to change a United Lands' Tricolor which had been used before. Despite the newness, a new flag immediately became an important national symbol, as in fictional Verd'land, as in real Verd'landian micronations.


Flag consists of the green cloth with scandinavian cross of yellow and blue colors.

Aspect ratio

A lot of different proportions were accepted for flag. Hovewer, most part of them was unpreferable. Flag's style (cross) is unique because of narrow proportions interval – between 11:8 (1,36) and 3:2 (1,5) according to list of existing national flags. Other variants make it too short or too long from aestetical point of view.

Actual aspect is 7:5, and it was adopted on 7th November 2017. This opt is justified as compromise proportion – bigger are considered as undesirably long, while less ones have too few variants of rational dimensions. Nevertheless, 4:3 proportion can be also used.


Standard Green Yellow Blue
VẽrdɩTONE 2018 Vẽrdɩlandiɩa Arum Rummala
RGB 0-102-87 217-206-108 92-84-153
Hex #006657 #d9ce6c #5c5499
  •      Blue: Rivers and sky; Calmness and regularity.
  •      Yellow: Wheaty fields and sandy banks of rivers; Happiness, joy and justice.
  •      Green: Forests and meadows; Life, harmony, connection with nature.


War flag

War flag of Verd'land.svg

Unlike green flag, Tricolor has much more rich history. It was firstly depicted in 2010-2011 as flag of the fictional state of unnamed anthropomorphic nation, which much time later became a "Verd'landian" one, and the state itself was named the "People's Republic of United Lands". A first physical flag of PRUL was made in December of 2015.

After invention of Hrisumt, the popularity of Tricolor had decreased and now it's used as war flag and naval ensign for Verd'landian micronation.

Aspect ratio

2:1 is the only allowed proportion for Tricolor.


Standard Red Black Blue
RGB 237-28-46 34-31-31 0-137-206
  •      Red: War and blood; "We are ready to fight, die..."
  •      Black: Labor and industry; "...and selflessly labor..."
  •      Blue: Sky and peace; "...for peaceful sky and freedom of our lands!"

Flag of the Czech Republic

VL CZE.svg

As a Czech micronation and (factually) a part and representer of the Czech Republic, Verd'land uses its flag too.

Aspect ratio

By a VẽrdɩDIR standards, Czech flag should be made in 2:1 proportion, however the flags of Czechia used in Verd'land can factually have official (3:2) or general manufacturing (5:3) aspect ratio.


Standard Blue Red White
VẽrdɩTONE 2018 Lɩublɩana Varna CMYK-A
RGB 0-77-128 237-28-46 255-255-255
HTML #004d80 #ed1c2e #ffffff

Flag of the European Union

VL EUR.svg

Used because Czech Republic is a part of the EU. Verd'land states that it has a membership in this organisation.

Aspect ratio

At this moment, VẽrdɩDIR hasn't standard for European flag, so any version can be used.


Standard Blue Yellow
VẽrdɩTONE CMYK-M Boliviɩa
RGB 0-64-128 255-222-96
HTML #004080 #ffde60

Flag of Florinism

Flag of Florinism.svg

This flag is being flew at the "Day of Florinism" and some memorable dates. It has close "pride" sense to rainbow flag (which is not adopted officially) but unlike it a flag of Florinism (as movement itself) hasn't direct relation to LGBT.

Aspect ratio

Flag of Florinism is based on Verd'landian flag, and has the same 7:5 proportion.


Standard Blue Pink
VẽrdɩTONE Argentina ?
RGB 0-179-255 207-54-82
HTML #00b3ff #cf3652

Flag of the FPRV and AFME

Flag of the FPRV.png

FPRV (Furristic People's Republic of Verd'land) and AFME (Alati-Furristic Malgartship of Estuaria) are the fictional Verd'landian states inhabited completely by Verd'landians of anthropomorphic Al-Ati race who decided to call themselves by usual humans' name: the "Furries". States are located in Estuarian region having its own special culture and traditions. A lot of them are preserved in real Verd'landian states. The flag can be used in some suitable cases for the refers to original source of some national phenomenons. Also it's de-facto used by Verd'landian fans of furry-fandom, and government refuses to comment this situation.

Aspect ratio

Furry's flag has a 2:1 aspect ratio.


Standard Red Yellow
VẽrdɩTONE 2018 Varna CMYK-F
RGB 237-28-46 255-244-112

Project of the Verd'landian Tricolor

FIAV Historical.png Proposition of Verd'landian tricolor

In 2015-2016 years there was the only variation of Verd'landian flag – the green-yellow-blue tricolor. This variant could solve an issue of unacceptable association of cross with christianity. Hovewer, it hasn't founded big popularity as it's not provide the different order and position of colors (as cross does). Besides this, tricolor is similar to flag of Gabon.

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