Flag of the United Southeast Asian States

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Flag of the United Southeast Asian States
Bendera Asia Tenggara Serikat
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.49.PNG
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted April 2018
Design a Tricolor Red, White, and Purple with a Blue vertical line on the Left

the Flag of the USAS is one of the national symbols of the United Southeast Asian States


First Design

The original Flag of the United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi was Symbolistic, having the left side of the flag and the four dots represanting the home, the second line representing the pepole, the third line represanting defense, and the star represanting the leader/future of the UIS, the dots on the left has been changed through the time, and the dots turned into stars and dots, and later, all of them are stars... each star represanted each state of the UIS...this design has been used from the UISSL, the First United Indonesian States and the United Indonesian States until April 17

Second Design

the president of the United indonesian States was convinced to change the flag due to the former design being terrible and bad and so the UIS Government made a poll refrendum on the new flag of the UIS... the second flag won which is the "Bravery and Indenpendence" flag, the flags design has: a Tricolor Red, White, and Purple with a Blue vertical line on the Left, with the Red represanting bravery, white represanting holy, and the Purple represanting indenpendence of the United Southeast asian states and the blue represanting trust and loyalty.