Flag of Vodopol

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The flag of Vlasynia (Romanian: drapelul Vlasiniei) is a tricolor with horizontal stripes. The outermost two stripes are blue and envelop two golden stripes which themselves envelop a larger black stripe in the middle, whose height (width) is thrice that of the others. The black stripe in the middle also hosts the coat of arms of the Vlăsceanu Family, which is also the lesser coat of arms of Vlasynia. It has a width-length ratio of 2:3.

Flag of Vodopol
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Name The Flag of the Free City of Vodopol (Drapelul Orașului Liber Vodopol)
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 5:9
Adopted 01 August 2021 (as flag of the Free City of Vodopol)
21 June 2021 (as flag of the Vodopol municipality)
11 March 2021 (initially proposed)
Design Divided into four rectangles: going clockwise, each quadrant contains a black rectangle, a red rectangle, another black rectangle and another red rectangle. At the intersection of the four rectangles and in the middle of the flag lies the personal emblem of Ned Vodă, the High Commissioner of the Free City, as well as the flag's designer.
Designed by Ned Vodă


The flag was initially designed on 11 March 2021 for the city of Vodopol which back then was declared as the future capital city of the Vlasynian Despotate, while on 21 June of the same year it was officially adopted upon the city's official annexation by Vlasynia.

On 01 August 2021 the flag was officially adopted by the Free City of Vodopol.