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Template:Infobox Flag/ru style Flag of Vladislavia (Verd'landian: Stɩagul Vladislavielor; Czech: Vlajka Vladislávie) is the official symbol of Verd'landian Republic.

It was created to quickly replace the flag of Verd'landians which was in use at the first day of new country's existing.


This flag is the green cloth with three equilateral stripes of yellow, blue and yellow colors. In left corner of flag there is a national Verd'landian ornament. Dimension of three stripes is 1/4 of flag's width, and their lower side is placed at 2/6 of flag's lower edge. Ornament is located at 1/4 of flag's length and in the middle between stripe's upper edge and flag's upper side. This design hasn't special meaning. It was created to make the difference from ethnic Verd'landian flag without big change of style and colors.

The former flag had contained an yellow five-pointed star instead of ornament. Despite it's not in use anymore, the anthem of Vladislavia is still called "The Golden Star" and has mention of it.


Rixdag of Vladislavia provides exact colors and aspect ratio of this flag and is not recommend an usage of another ones.


(Name in catalogue)
CMYK 87-29-65-12 18-13-69-0 74-55-20-2
RGB 0-126-107 214-203-112 83-111-154
Pantone 568C 459C 7669C
Hex #007e6b #d6cb70 #536f9a

Aspect ratio

Only proportion 2:1 is legal for this flag and it is regardless of user and purposes.

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