Flag of Bascal

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Flag of Bascal
Bendera Bascal
Ddeghe Baska
Bascal flag.jpg
Use State and civil flag,
Naval and civil ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 2009

The national flag of Bascal (Bahasa Malaysia: Bendera kebangsaan Bascal) is the current official flag of the State of Bascal. It was adopted officialy in 2009. The flag bears some similarities with the flag of Malaysia one of the reason is because Bascal was formerly part of Malaysia and heavily influences Bascalian history, culture and so on. 4 crescent symbolizes the first people settled in the country, crescent also symbolizes Malay and Islamic identity in Bascal. The colour red means willing to fight against anything that corrupts the country's dignity and rights, colour blue means glory and loyalty, colour yellow symbolizes sovereignty and lastly white symbolizes happiness.

Proposed flag

Since 2011, the Governor of Bascal proposed a new flag as well as the anthem for the country. He also stated that the flag of Bascal is often mistaken as a Malaysian nor an American flag although it has no resemblance to the American flag at all. More than 5 propose flags have been showed since early 2011, the proposal is considered part of the transformation program that was created by the governor itself since late 2011.

Proposed flag Galllery

Proposed flag of Bascal.jpg


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